Tarot Reader

The Tarot Reader is a village member with a once-per-game ability to discover what roles (and how many of each) are still alive in the game.

Role Type

  • The Tarot Reader is seen as member of the village by the Seer.
  • The Tarot Reader is seen as a user of witchcraft by the Witch Hunter.
  • The Tarot Reader is seen visiting by the Harlot/Stalker/Familiar.


  • The Tarot Reader is seen visiting themselves (only) on the night they use their ability.
  • The order in which the roles are given are randomised.
  • Roles of dead players are not listed. This includes dead Messiahs who have used their power and will be resurrected.
  • The list of roles is based on the situation in the night the ability is used. It does not take into account any players that are resurrected/killed that night. This means that the role count may deviate from the number of players alive in the village the morning you get the report.

Tips for playing Tarot Reader

  • The Tarot Reader is usually only implemented in games where the list of roles is given. The Tarot Reader can use their ability to verify all current role claims in the village.
  • Since you have a very powerful ability, it is important that you try to not expose yourself - the evil factions will want you dead as soon as possible. Once the village knows your identity, it is usually wise to use your ability soon after - the village cannot guarantee your safety (for long)!
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