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The Inquisitor is a member of the Village and the Inquisition who is able to check a player once per night to see if they require the cleansing fire of the Inquisition.

Role Type

  • The Inquisitor is seen as member of the village by the Seer.
  • The Inquisitor is not seen as a user of witchcraft.
  • The Inquisitor is seen visiting by the Harlot/Stalker/Familiar.
  • The Inquisitor is not seen as a killer by the Adjudicator.


  • At night you can find if a player is a user of Witchcraft.


  • The Inquisitor can help the Inquisition Leader find suitable recruits by looking for non-recruitable players.
  • Purifiers and WitchHunters make excellent recruits and will be shown as "a Fanatic" from the check. As a member of the Inquisition, you will want to recruit this player if possible to incentivise them to help your goal of eradicating Witchcraft.

Role Text

  • If you find a Witchcraft user, you will get a message "Player is a Heretic. They should burn"
  • If you find a non-Witchcraft user, you will get a message "Player is Faithful. They can be spared the righteous flame"
  • If you find a Purifier or Witch Hunter, you will get a message "Player is a Fanatic. They would make an excellent recruit for the Inquisition"


  • 2018-01-01

    Introduced in ext-200