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The Vampires

Vampires are powerful, evil characters seeking to kill all other factions. This 'faction' is unique in the sense that multiple Vampires in the same game never work together, but oppose each other, actually forming different factions. A team formed by a single Vampire and their Familiar(s) is called a 'basement'. There are two types of roles who start in this faction: the Vampire and the Vampire Master (the latter being a stronger version of the former). Both roles are extremely resillient: they are immune to most abilities. They can kill every night. Both roles also have the ability to recruit one or more Familiars (Vampire can recruit only one, Vampire Master up to three). A player that is recruited as Familiar becomes a servant to the recruiting Vampire (Master).


  • Vampires cannot be killed during the night, but they are vulnerable during the day. If the village decides to lynch them (because a Seer checked the Vampire, a Stalker/Harlot saw the Vampire visiting somebody that died, or for any other reason), it would be game over for the Vampire. This is why any Vampire should make sure that they have a Familiar, and that this Familiar is kept safe. The Familiar makes it possible for the Vampire to return to the game, once their original body is killed.
  • Choosing the right Familiar is an important task for a Vampire, and a difficult one as well. Your Familiar should be somebody who has some status in the village and wouldn't get lynched. But on the other hand, you also want to choose somebody that wouldn't be killed by other evil factions, if they are in the game.
  • Since a Vampire is reborn in their Familiar's body, you have to take care that people do not notice the change of player. This means that you have to be conscious of your typing style from the start of the game, and maybe change things so that your typing style matches that of the Familiar. Other things that people notice are activity times and voting patterns. Try to resemble the person you are reborn into as much as possible.
  • For more Tips, specified to the type of Vampire you're playing, simply look at the specific role page (and the Familiar page as well).