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The Coven

The Coven is a third party who specialises in creating chaos and confusion amongst the village members. They have limited kill power and rely on manipulation to win the game. Games that include the Coven usually have a Wolfpack and/or a Vampire present as well, in order to have a consistent source of kills during the night.

For the Coven to win, they need to eliminate all members of other evil factions, and their numbers should equal those of the remaining village members.

  • The Seer's check will reveal a member of the Coven
  • The Gravedigger's check will reveal the full role of a Coven member (as normal)
  • The Bloodhound's check will reveal the full role of a Coven member (as normal)
  • Coven members can be killed at night


  • The Coven needs another evil faction, with killing power, to be present in the game. This is a Wolfpack and/or a Vampire. The Coven should focus on finding out who the other evil faction members are, and allow them to live just long enough so that they can kill plenty of village members. Then, once the village's numbers have dwindled enough, the Coven should get rid of the Wolfpack/Vampire. For the Coven to succeed, they should have a more trusted position in the village during the stage that they are getting rid of the Wolfpack/Vampire (in order to convince the village to steer the lynch votes in the right direction), but should not be exposed/attacked during the earlier stages of the game.
  • The Coven and the Wolfpack/Vampire have a common enemy: the village. This shared interest is something that may steer them in working together, for a limited amount of time. Evils from different factions may help each other out by 'confirming' each other with their alleged roles. It is also the common interest of the evil factions to tell a lie about certain events that have taken place, as it may discredit actual village members and/or create space for the evil factions to operate freely. This also means that, if you see a non-Coven member assisting you in the creation of some lie, you have a strong indication that they are not a village member. Note that they may now have the same information about you!
  • The Coven's main power is to create ambiguity in as many aspects of the game as possible; about the identities of players, about how certain events such as deaths and revives can be explained, etc. The Coven can thrive better if the village has no basis of certain knowledge to operate on.
  • Members of the Coven should usually be aware of their typing style and activity pattern, at least as long there is a Djinn in the game. You could be swapped with another player, or with a Puppet, and to conceal this Djinn-swap you should be able to copy the other's typing style and activity pattern as well as possible.
  • The Coven has limited protection against a Wolfpack and/or a Vampire. This is why they shouldn't attract too much attention from these factions, especially at the start of the game. Ideally, the village and the evil killing factions are concerned with fighting each other, allowing the Coven to survive. Their vulnerability the Coven should take into account when making role claims. For example: claiming an important role that a Wolfpack wants dead, especially early in the game, is risky - you may be inspected/attacked from all sides.