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The Harlot is a powerful village-aligned role. Each night, they can observe a single living player and see who visit that player that night. In the morning, the Harlot will receive a report on the visiting players.

Role Type

  • The Harlot is seen as member of the village by the Seer.
  • The Harlot is not seen as a user of witchcraft.
  • The Harlot is seen visiting by the Stalker/Familiar/another Harlot.
  • The Harlot is not seen as a killer by the Adjudicator.


  • The Harlot cannot visit the last player that they successfully visited.
  • The Harlot cannot observe some (parts of) abilities that are used on (living) players. These are the Djinn-swap and the target to which a Succubus redirects another player.
  • If the Harlot observes the person that is being killed by the Wolfpack that night, the Harlot will only see one killing wolf as visitor (along with any other people that are visiting the target). For an explanation of how the Wolfpack's kill system works, see the corresponding section in the Factions page.
  • There are some roles that visibly self-visit when using their ability. These are: the Messiah, the Tarot Reader, and the Shapeshifter. The Protector and Shaman can visit themselves if they use their defensive ability on themselves. It is also possible for a Succubus to redirect someone to themselves, making them appear self-visiting.


  • When using your ability at night, you can either try to confirm village-aligned visitors or catch an evil (killing) role. This means that you can choose somebody who is suspicious/needs confirmation, and may be visited by other village intel roles, or somebody who appears to be important for the village and will likely have protective roles and/or evil killing roles visiting them.
  • You have to consider when it is wise to claim your role and speak up. You will have to weigh the risk you take by exposing yourself against the value of the information you can share. You will also have to consider which information you share: if you announce whom you have seen visiting which players, you may force these visiting players to claim a role, creating clarity for the village. The downside is that you may thereby expose village roles.
  • The Harlot combines very effectively with a protective role. The protective role can keep the Harlot safe, while the Harlot watches the protective role - no killer would dare to attack the protective role, because they would surely be caught by you! The village regularly uses this principle even if they cannot guarantee everyone's safety: a Protector/Huntsman, a Harlot, and a Seer may work together this way. The protective role and the Harlot guard/watch one of both others, and keeping all three safe. Even if no one out of the three is guaranteed safe in this setup, most Werewolves/Vampires would not dare to take the risk to attack one of the three!
  • As seen from the previous example, the Harlot's ability can be used just like the Protector's/Huntsman's: it can guarantee the safety of an important village member. This is why, sometimes, you may want to withhold information about who you watched at night, since the evil factions will then know this person cannot be watched by you the next night. If you wish to take a risk, you may even watch another person than the person you were intended/declared to watch, so that the next night - when the evil factions think they're safe - you can catch them red-handed!


  • 2016-08-20

    Can no longer visit the same player two nights in a row