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The Alchemist is a member of the Coven with two potions, both single-use. One potion works on a fellow Coven member, the other one works on other players.

Role Type

  • The Alchemist is seen as a member of the Coven by the Seer.
  • The Alchemist is seen as a user of witchcraft.
  • The Alchemist is seen visiting by the Harlot/Stalker/Familiar (see Notes).
  • The Alchemist is not seen as a killer by the Adjudicator.


  • Both the Alchemist's potions take effect at dawn, meaning that the target still has/uses their old role the night of their transformation. The target will get a notification at dawn, informing them of their transformation.
  • If the Alchemist uses their Coven-potion, the targeted Coven member will get a new role. A random role is selected from the Coven roles, excluding the Puppetmaster, but including the Alchemist.
  • It is possible the Alchemist gives a Coven member the role they already had. All limited-use abilities, if they were depleted, can be used again.
  • The Alchemist cannot target a Puppet to give them a new role.
  • If the Alchemist uses their other potion, their target will get a new role. The given role depends on the target's faction. If the target is a member of the village, a random role is selected from: Villager, Lycan, Sleepwalker, Insomniac, Stalker. If the target is a member of the Wolfpack, the target will become a Werewolf or Shapeshifter.
  • The Vampire and Familiar are not affected by the Alchemist's potion.


  • For some general tips on how to play as a member of the Coven, look at the corresponding section in the 'Factions' page.
  • In case one of your allies' abilities have been depleted, you can give them a new role. Examples are: a Puppetmaster without any Puppets, or a Shaman/Witch who have used their totems/potions.
  • Even if one of your allies could still use their ability, they might not have the best ability appropriate to the situation. Your potion may help them in this situation as well. Be sure to discuss with your team before using your potion!
  • You may use your non-Coven potion for particular nasty enemies. A Witch Hunter is usually a good option, although, generally speaking, any enemy that is annoying to the Coven can be neutralized this way.

Role Text

  • When a target is purged, they recieve a whisper from the Moderator: "You feel dazed and confused. Not quite like you used to... You have the feeling that something bad happened to you during the night."