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The Shaman is a member of the Coven that has two different Totems they can (both) use during the night: a Protection Totem that the Shaman can use on any member of the Coven, and a Lure Totem that will attract the Wolfpack to that player, making them the Wolfpack's target for that night.

Role Type

  • The Shaman is seen as a member of the Coven by the Seer.
  • The Shaman is seen as a user of witchcraft.
  • The Shaman is seen visiting by the Harlot/Stalker/Familiar.
  • The Shaman is not seen as a killer by the Adjudicator.


  • The Shaman can use both totems in the same night, if they wish. Both totem placements are seen as visits.
  • The Protection Totem can be used repeatedly until that player is attacked in the night, then it is destroyed and cannot be used again.
  • The Protection Totem is still broken if a Protector protects the same target. In addition, the Protector is still unable to protect the target again (as per normal rules).
  • The Protection Totem is broken and there are no Huntsman related deaths if a Huntsman also guards the same target.
  • The Shaman can continue to protect the same target with the Protection Totem.
  • The Protection Totem protects against a Vampire and the Wolfpack, but not against the killing ability of the Militia, Witch, or Witch Hunter.
  • The Lure Totem is one-use, and will not be available again even if the Wolfpack's kill is unsuccessful (e.g. a Protector save). The Lure Totem only works on the Wolfpack's 'regular' kill, never on the Alphawolf's extra kill.
  • The Lure Totem will fail if for some reason the wolves haven't voted to kill during the night.
  • The Lure Totem has no effect on the Vampire.
  • The Lure Totem may cause a Wolfpack member to kill their teammate, or even to kill themselves!
  • The Lure Totem dominates a Succubus' redirect if the Succubus tries to redirect the killing wolf.


  • For some general tips on how to play as a member of the Coven, look at the corresponding section in the 'Factions' page.
  • The Shaman's Protection Totem gives them a good reason to claim Protector, although the village may be suspicious if they know/suspect that the Coven is present in the game.
  • If you suspect that the Wolfpack knows the identity of a Coven member, you can protect them. If you have no Protection Totem left, you can at least lure the Werewolves back for one more night.
  • If there is a Witch on your team, protecting them is usually a good idea - they have the ability to revive one of your team members.
  • The Lure Totem can be used to have the Wolfpack kill somebody who is more dangerous to the Coven than to the Wolfpack (i.e. somebody who the Wolfpack would not kill so fast, because it serves them in their fight against the Coven), for example a Witch Hunter.
  • The Lure Totem can also be used to send the killing wolf to a prominent/cleared village member, a person you expect is protected by a Huntsman and/or watched by a Harlot - the wolf will probably not be able to survive that night or the next day.