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When Not to Lynch in a Wolf vs Village game

4 or 6 Players

If you are a villager and there are 4 players left, you know there can only be 1 wolf. Voting to no lynch can give you an extra day of discussion and narrow your focus down to 2 players to decide between instead of 3.

If you miss lynch with 4 players left, it's almost always game over, so if you're not 100% sure, be careful.

In similar logic to the 4 player position, if you are down to 6 players then you know there is at most 2 werewolves remaining. Consider whether or not skipping a lynch here may buy you an extra day and night.

Lynching an Unknown when your Seer finds a Wolf

There may come a point where you have a wolf check with a Seer. A Seer that you trust entirely. And yet the best play isn't to lynch the wolf immediately.

If when the wolves kill the seer you will be left with many unconfirmed villagers, you might be better off thining out the number of unconfirmed players

There are several conditions needed to be met to make lynching an unknown a better play -

  1. You have some form of protection (Protector, Huntsman) for the Seer that can get them at least one extra check
  2. The wolf cannot be a Shapeshifter 3. There are a lot of unconfirmed villagers 4. You have enough numbers to afford a mislynch

If all these are true, then the best play might be to reduce the number of unconfirmed players in the game and to instead lynch one of them. You can immediately lynch the wolf after the Seer is killed at night.