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Items were an unannounced, surprise feature in ext-300. They have appeared in a few games since, but are not always included in a setup.

Items are either persistent or consumable. Consumable items disappear from the game once they have been used.

Items are either active or passive. Active items must be initiated by the Player that has control of them for them to work.

Passive and Consumable items such as Steel Armour or a Wolf Pelt will offer automatic protection from a single attack, but will be consumed and lost once an attack is blocked.

Items may be stolen by roles such as a thief, stolen by killing a player or stolen by using a Potion of Acquiescence.

Items may also be passed to a player during the night.

Items such as the potions and other targeted items count as visits and can be seen by other roles.

More information regarding specific items will be added to the guide in good time. If you have any other questions about them, ask on Discord or on Arqade.

Items in ext-300

Active and Consumable

Votes will be obscured the day after it is used - it will be not be known who the votes are cast by.
Kill a player at night. Protection will stop the kill and a Huntsman will kill you and himself.
Swaps the identities of every living player with another random living player.
Potion of Acquiescence
Steals all of the items a player has.
Potion of Clarity
Finds out a player's role.
Potion of Resilience
Grants a player immunity from role-blocks for two nights in a row.
Potion of Restoration
Recharges a player's single use abilities e.g Revivers, Masons, Witches etc.
Potion of Vulnerability
Removes a player's night immunity the night after it is used.
Potion of Weakness
Role-blocks a player the following night.
Sanguine Horn
Triggers a Blood Moon which will afflict approximately 25% of the village with lycanthropy.

Active and Persistent

Demonic Eye
Shows the holder who is blighted. It also allows them to remove blight from one player a night.
Gauntlet of Blight
Used by the holder to blight one person per night.
Heart of Hades
Used to kill all of the players who have been blighted.
Hell Helm
Shows the holder to see all the messages a player says during the night.

Passive and Consumable

Ankh of Retribution
If you are killed during the night whilst holding the Ankh, the player who killed you will be murdered the following night, however, protection is able to block the attack.
Ankh of Reincarnation
If you are killed while holding the Ankh, you will be revived a day later.
Heart of Fenrir
Gives the holder night immunity. However, if all the wolves are dead, it turns the holder into an Omegawolf.
Plot Armour
Protects the holder from a single night kill (used at Mod's discretion).
Steel Armour
Protects the holder from a single night kill.
Wolf Pelt
Protects the holder from a single night kill, however it will make them look like a wolf to the Seer.

Passive and Persistent

Abyssal Armour
Gives the holder night immunity, however it will make them look like a Demon to the Seer.
Disruption Orb
Role-blocks anyone who visits the holder that isn't night immune. However, it will role-block you every night as well.
Tells the holder who visited them at night.
Invisibility Cloak
Hides the holder's visits from roles such as the Stalker, Harlot or Insomniac.
Ring of Tenacity
Prevents the holder from being role-blocked.
Veil of Shadows
Makes the holder appear innocent to intel roles like the Seer, Witch Hunter and Adjudicator.
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