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Buttons & Abilities

During any game there are 3 buttons located on the top bar to show and hide information during the game. These are:

  • pressing this will make the identity panel appear or disappear. You can find essential information about your role, objectives, and abilities, on this panel.
  • pressing this will make the village panel appear or disappear. Here you can see which players are still alive, which players are dead (listed in the Graveyard). Vote and other ability buttons will also appear here (see below). The number next to the icon tells you how many players are alive at that moment.
  • pressing this will open the calendar panel and allow you to access the chat archive for previous days and nights. Days and nights with the same number are grouped together under the same day. The number next to the icon tells you which day (or corresponding night) it is at the current moment.

Using Abilities

All non-chat actions are carried out with the use of buttons in the village panel.

During the day, you will see a Vote button next to the name of any living players. Pressing it will make you cast a vote on that player and a message will be broadcast to the rest of the village to inform them of your (changed) vote. The number next to a player tells you how many people in total are currently voting for that player. If you hover your mouse over the number you can see which players have cast these votes.

A limited number of roles (for example, the PuppetMaster) have daytime abilities. Daytime abilities are activated by clicking on the button next to your own name (highlighted in green) which will swap the Vote buttons for ability-buttons.

During the night, the vote buttons will be replaced by buttons related to your role (if applicable). You can activate your night ability on a specific target player by clicking the button next to the player you wish to target.

BEWARE: Most abilities cannot be cancelled. Once you've activated your ability there's no undoing it. You will stil be able to change the target, but you won't be able to cancel the activation, so consider whether you really want to use your ability before pressing a button!