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The Omegawolf is a member of the Wolfpack and the last of their kind. The Omegawolf is a powerful wolf who as well as killing their target, will also kill anyone else who visits the same target.

Role Type

  • The Omegawolf is seen as a member of the Wolfpack by the Seer.
  • The Omegawolf is not seen as a user of witchcraft.
  • The Omegawolf is seen visiting by the Harlot/Stalker/Familiar (see Notes).
  • The Omegawolf is seen as a killer by the Adjudicator.


  • When the Omegawolf visits a target they will kill the target and ALL other visitors
  • In addition to being able to visit other players and kill, the Omegawolf can also choose to guard themselves, in which case they will kill anyone who visits them.
  • The Omegawolf is only seen visiting their target, not the other visitors.
  • The Omegawolf cannot be killed at night, role-blocked, or redirected by the Succubus.
  • The Omegawolf cannot kill a player who is guarded by a Protector or a Huntsman. In this case, the Protector/Huntsman will be killed instead. A self-visiting protector cannot be killed.


  • The Omegawolf can ruin some plans made by the village to have multiple visitors to a target by killing them all in one go. (Be careful of Beholders - they will not be killed!)


  • 2018-01-01

    Introduced in ext-200