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Bloodletters spill their own blood and mark their target with it. The wolf blood makes the target appear as a member of the wolfpack to any Seer checks, and guilty to any "can kill" checks. The blood wears off after 2 nights, so the target will appear as a killer/wolf on the night they are marked and the subsequent night.

Role Type

  • The Bloodletter is seen as a member of the Wolfpack by the Seer.
  • The Bloodletter is not seen as a user of witchcraft.
  • The Bloodletter is seen visiting by the Harlot/Stalker/Familiar.
  • The Bloodletter is seen as a killer by the Adjudicator.


  • There are 2 explanations for a village member being seen as a member of the Wolfpack by the Seer: the target is marked by the Bloodletter, or the target is a Lycan.
  • The Bloodletter does not attack their target and therefore does not trigger abilities like that of the Huntsman or Shaman.
  • If there are no killing wolves left in the Wolfpack, the Bloodletter will become a normal Werewolf; the Bloodletter will revert first before a Direwolf or Bloodhound would.


  • For some general tips on how to play as a member of the Wolfpack, look at the corresponding section in the 'Factions' page.
  • Consider who you think the Seer would check at a certain night - because they were silent during the day, or acted suspiciously in some way - and make sure to mark them!