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Vampire Master

The Vampire Master is a neutral killing role, whose aim is to kill all other factions in the game. If there is a Vampire Master in the game, the other factions' win conditions change to include the death of the Vampire Master. The Vampire Master has the ability to recruit up to three Familiars, players that become their allies and greatly increase the Vampire Master's survivability (also see the 'Familiar' page for a description of this role).

There can be multiple Vampire Masters in one game, but they always form separate factions: all Vampires must fight against each other in order to win the game.

Role Type

  • The Seer identifies this role as "Vampire".
  • The Vampire Master is not seen as a user of witchcraft.
  • The Vampire Master is seen visiting by the Harlot/Stalker/Familiar.
  • The Vampire Master is seen as a killer by the Adjudicator.


The number of recruits that can be made by a Vampire Master is not fixed, and depends on the number of total players in the game.

  • 0-8 players: 0 recruits
  • 9-12 players: 1 recruit
  • 13-16 players: 2 recruits
  • 17+ players: 3 recruits


  • The Vampire Master cannot be killed by any night-time killing ability (by Wolfpack, Coven, and/or Village).
  • The Vampire Master cannot be role-blocked by the Direwolf, purged by the Alchemist, nor redirected by the Succubus.
  • If the Vampire Master's target is guarded by the Huntsman then the Vamprie Master will kill the Huntsman instead.
  • The Protector works as normal against a Vampire Master. The target is still protected even if the Werewolves AND a Vampire Master attack the protected target.
  • In the event of only a Vampire Master and a Werewolf being left alive, the Vampire Master automatically wins.
  • A Vampire Master wins as long as they are alive and they and their Familiars reach parity with the rest of the village (including any other evil factions present).
  • The night the Vampire Master recruits a Familiar, the Familiar cannot be killed by any ability. However, if multiple Vampires/Vampire Masters try to recruit the same person one night, that person dies (the Vampire Masters automatically use their kill ability instead, so no recruit (attempt) is registered).
  • The Vampire Master can only recruit village members as Familiars. If the Vampire Master tries to recruit a member of another faction, they kill their target instead (protective abilities should still be taken into account).
  • The Vampire Master cannot recruit anybody that is protected by a Protector/Huntsman/Shaman. In other words, it should have been possible for the Vampire Master to kill their target for a recruit to be successful.
  • The Vampire Master can recruit up to three Familiars per game. They can be of type Stalker, Gravedigger, and/or Militia. Every Familiar becomes one of these three roles randomly, and multiple Familiars can be of the same type.
  • Unlike Sub-faction leaders (Mason, Inquisition, and Illuminati), the Vampire Master does not get a message when their recruit is successful.
  • If the Vampire Master dies they go to the Graveyard for one night. At dawn, the Vampire Master transitions into the body of the first-recruited Familiar that is still alive. Thus, if the Vampire Master is lynched, they lose the chance to use any ability for one night.


  • The Vampire Master is vulnerable at any moment they do not have one living Familiar. Therefore, make sure to (almost) always have at least one Familiar alive (recruiting on the first night is therefore often a good option). Note that if you only have one Familiar, and both you and the Familiar are exposed, both of you may be killed before you have an opportunity to recruit a new Familiar. This is one reason for having multiple Familiars alive in the village at any time.
  • Recruiting multiple Familiars will also help you create a loyal group within the village, who might be trusted by others because of their previous actions and confirmed role abilities. Familiars are vulnerable to other killing roles, especially those of opposing evil factions. You must assess which other evil factions there are (if any), in deciding whom and when to recruit.
  • Based on the consideration described in the previous point you can go for creating a team of Familiars early to create a foothold in the village, to be able to steer discussions and lynches, and to ensure you can be revived when lynched. Alternatively, you can go for recruiting only one Familiar at a time, adopting a more elusive playstyle and keeping some cards up your sleeves, but risking being eliminated before you can recruit again. Of course, there are intermediate strategies, and you can always adjust your play style during the game (although you can never undo recruits, obviously).
  • Going to the Graveyard is a good opportunity to get information about/from those who have died! Use this to your advantage, but be wary of people that are lying to you. Also note that people may not volunteer information to the Vampire Master, so you probably have to lie about your identity.
  • If you are reborn into your Familiar, you have to take care that people do not notice the change of player. This means that you have to be conscious of your typing style from the start of the game, and maybe change things so that your typing style matches that of the Familiar(s). Other things that people notice are activity times and voting patterns. Try to resemble the person you are reborn into as much as possible. You could discuss this with your Familiar beforehand. For example, you could try to adopt similar typing styles while you're both alive, so that the transition is made easier. Alternatively, you could adopt very different typing styles, but in such a way that it's easy to transition from style to the other.