The BloodSeer can sense wolf blood. Once per night they can check a player and will learn if that player has wolfblood or not. Members of the Wolfpack, Players afflicted with Lycanthropy and Players marked by the Bloodletter all have wolf blood.

Role Type

  • The BloodSeer is afflicted with Lycanthropy.
  • The BloodSeer is seen as member of the Wolfpack by a Seer.
  • The BloodSeer is not seen as user of witchcraft
  • The BloodSeer is seen visiting by the Harlot/Stalker/Familiar.


  • The BloodSeer's checks will either be that the player has werewolf blood or does not have werewolf blood.
  • The BloodSeer's report is mistaken if their target is marked by the Bloodletter.
  • The BloodSeer can not tell the difference between an actual Werewolf, or someone afflicted with Lycanthropy.

Tips for playing BloodSeer

  • In a game with only Wolfpack and Village, the BloodSeer can be an effective fake-seer.
  • The BloodSeer can hint themselves to the Wolfpack by clearing one of their members if they know who they are.


2019-01-01: BloodSeer introduced in ext-300

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