Most of the time in werewolves you will be a villager. The villager has no special powers but is still an important member for the good side. Many experienced players find the Villager to be their favourite role, as they only have their own logic and reasoning to rely on.

Tips for playing Villager

  • Call out your suspicions, when/if you get eaten by the wolves the survivors can look at what you said in a new light, as now you're 100% trust worthy. It's just a shame you're dead.
  • Be proactive - don't wait for the Seer to come in as a shining knight to win the day for you. They may already be dead.
  • Keep an eye out for suspicious alliances in between players when they have no obvious reason to have any.
  • The wolves would rather focus on killing power roles like the Seer or Protector, so by speaking up and offering helpful theories you're helping to buy them time as well.
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