Once per night, the Seer can check a player and will learn their alignment in the morning.

There are few games played without the Seer, it is considered one of the most powerful and crucial roles on the side of the village.


  • Your checks reveal alignment, not full role
  • Puppets are an exception to this, a check on a Puppet will reveal them as a Puppet and not "a member of the Coven"

Tips for playing Seer

  • Remember that the wolves are trying to find you and kill you, they'll be likely to target anyone that appears to know more than they should
  • Don't leave it too long to reveal yourself, the earlier you come forward with information, the more likely it is that the Protector or Huntsman is alive
  • Don't underestimate the importance of coming forward with verified (living!) villagers, even though you haven't found a wolf. A few verified villagers may be enough of a core for the village to trust to win the game
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