Harlot Role

The Harlot can visit one player a night, but they cannot visit the same player two nights in a row.

In the morning, the Harlot will receive a report of each other player that "visited" their target. This may include village roles, such as the Seer, or it may involve a wolf role, such as a Bloodhound or a normal Werewolf kill.

Tips for playing Harlot

  • If a village role is forced to come out early, at least you will know who killed them...


If the werewolves target the same player as the Harlot, the Harlot will only see a single wolf visit in their morning report. This is the "killing wolf" and is the same wolf that would die to a huntsman defence.


2016-08-20: Harlot changed so it can no longer visit the same player two nights in a row

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