The Shaman (Coven)

The Shaman is a member of the Coven and has two types of Totem they can use during the night. The first is a Protective Totem that the Shaman can use on any member of the Coven. The second is a Lure Totem that will attract the werewolves to that player, making them the werewolves target for that night.

Notes on the Shaman

  • The Protection Totem can be used repeatedly until that player is attacked in the night, then it is destroyed and cannot be used again
  • The Protection Totem is still broken if a Protector protects the same target. In addition, the Protector is still unable to protect the target again (as per normal rules)
  • The Protection Totem is broken and there are no Huntsman related deaths if a Huntsman also guards the same target
  • The Shaman can continue to protect the same target with the Protection Totem
  • The Protection Totem protects against a vampire and the werewolves
  • The Protection Totem cannot save against a Militia or Witch kill
  • The Lure Totem is one-use, and will not be available again even if the werewolf kill is unsuccessful (e.g. a Protector save)
  • The Lure Totem will fail if for some reason the wolves haven't voted to kill during the night
  • The Lure Totem has no effect on the Vampire
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