The Puppetmaster (Coven)

The Puppetmaster is a member of the Coven who begins with the game with a number of 'puppets'. A puppet appears and interacts with the village as if they are a real player, but in reality, it is the Puppetmaster that is speaking, or voting through the puppet.

Notes on the Puppetmaster

  • All of the Coven know who the puppets are
  • The Puppetmaster can freely switch between their own identity and the puppets throughout the day
  • The Puppetmaster reverts to their original identity each night
  • Puppets can be Djinn-swapped or Shapeshifted into as normal
  • Puppet votes look like normal votes but do not count towards lynches
  • If the Puppetmaster is lynched, the puppets will be killed in the morning
  • If the Puppetmaster is killed during the night, the puppets will live for the day (unable to speak) and die the next morning
  • The Puppetmaster cannot swap bodies into a puppet to avoid a lynch
  • Puppets are fully revealed to the Seer, they are not shown as "members of the Coven"
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