The Djinn (Coven)

The Djinn is a member of the Coven who can manipulate the appearence of others, they are able to swap the identities of two players each night.

Only the identities of the players are swapped, the player retains their role and affiliation.

Tips for playing Djinn

  • Combined with a killing potion used by the witch, the Djinn's power can shift a member of the Coven into a cleared role with no other witnesses to contest

Notes on the Djinn

  • For Stalker and Harlot checks, the Djinn is NOT considered to have visited the two players that they have swapped
  • Djinn swaps happen at the very end of the morning, so any stalker/halort etc checks will report back on the old name
  • The Djinn's targets must both be alive, or both be dead. The Djinn cannot swap a living player and a dead player


2016-11-06: Djinn changed so they can swap either two living or two dead players

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