The Direwolf is an imposing werewolf whose mere presence causes terror amongst those nearby. The Direwolf is able to block a player from using their ability at night.

Notes about the Direwolf

  • The Direwolf passively prevents the Seer's ability from working on them. If the Seer checks the Direwolf, they will see them as a villager
  • Like the Bloodhound, if the Direwolf is the last wolf remaining, they become a normal werewolf
  • If only the Bloodhound and Direwolf are left on the werewolf team, the Bloodhound becomes a werewolf first
  • The Direwolf will not trigger a Huntsman's kill if they choose to block a player guarded by the Huntsman
  • The Direwolf cannot block a Succubus, Djinn or Vampire
  • A Direwolf can be redirected by a Succubus
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