Suggested Setups for Werewolf

7 players is probably the absolute minimum you can play a "classic" game of werewolf with, if you prevent the wolves from having a kill on the first night. This gives the village one miskill during the day phase, before they are in a situation where they must execute correctly or lose the game to the werewolves.

Villager:Wolf Ratio

The classic villager:werewolf ratio is usually around 3:1 - meaning that if you had 8 players, 2 of them would be werewolves. This ratio assumes that roles are revealed on death, with no reveal the ratio should lean towards more 4:1 or even 5:1.

Reveal vs No Reveal on Death

Revealing a player's true role once they have been killed by the werewolves or executed by the village is a powerful intel engine for the village. This should be balanced by placing fewer intel gathering roles on the side of the village, or increasing the number of werewolves in the setup.

The strategy of werewolf games with reveal on death tend to focus on the analysis of player's voting patterns and a village execution should be considered the default option for each game day.

Open, Semi-Open and Closed Setups

Intel, Counter Intel

Clues and Room to Bluff

Setups for a low number of players