Playing Werewolf Online with Friends

If it's just you wanting to play, you're best off joining a game with other players on the site. We have games running that match European timezones.
These games will start when they get enough players waiting in the lobby. You'll get an email when they do.

I have a group of 12+ friends that want to play a 12 hour day/night game

If there's a big group of you that want to play together I'm more than happy to setup a private game for you to play. I'll make sure the set up is balanced and matches your groups experience in a timezone suits your players. Email me [email protected]

I have a group of 5+ players that want to play a speed game now

Use our SpeedGameBot to open a game and pick a setup for you. Join the Discord and type $$spud in the #speed-games channel.

I want to create a speed game for my friends and choose the setup

Patreons of the site can create their own speed games and choose the setup they want, whenever they want.

Become a Patron

I want to play Werewolf Online with Zoom

You can use the site to create a basic open game for you to play with your friends via Zoom, Skype or whatever webcam meeting software you're using.
Check out our guide on Playing Werewolf Online on Zoom for more information.

You need at least 6 players to start a werewolf game this way.

The OpenGameBot will do the setup for you, once you have created the game, share the link with your friends.

Once they have all joined, use the $$check and $$go commands to start the game.