Howl at the Boom

Howl at the Boom is a game mode in designed for low player numbers.

Differences to Traditional Mafia

  • There is no elimination until the final round.
  • The opposing teams are of equal size, it is not a game of "informed minority" - nobody starts out knowing who their allies are.
  • Who your neighbours are in the player list is of strategic importance.
  • Items are distributed to each player at the start of each phase.


Have the most team members alive after the dynamite explodes. It's the Masons vs the Illuminati

Game play

  1. Roles are randomly assigned, there will be an equal number of Masons and Illuminati.
  2. If there is an odd number of players one will be assigned a neutral role, such as the Speculator.
  3. One randomly selected player starts with an item called the Unlit Dynamite, they decide how long the fuse should be, which will result in it exploding (and the game ending) at the start of Day 5, 6 or 7.
  4. The Lit Dynamite will be given to a player on a different team to the player that set the fuse (for example, if a Mason sets the fuse, an Illuminati gains control of the lit dynamite)
  5. When the fuse expires the Dynamite explodes and the player holding it is killed.