Rules for Online Werewolf

In general, you can lie and say pretty much whatever you want during a game of werewolf, and we want as few rules and artificial limits as possible. However, there are some ground rules for playing online in

  • No talking about an active game anywhere outside of the game room itself. You are obviously free to discuss finished games as much as you would like
  • No copy/paste of role information or pasting screenshots that would undoubtably prove your role
  • With respect to proving/disproving shapeshifts: Do not ask for (or volunteer) information from outside the game. For example "what University did you go to?"
  • Any private messages from the moderator must remain private and should not be mentioned unless explicit permission is given
  • Try to keep in-game chat to be specific to that game once it has started (Use your judgement on this - banter, espescially relating to the games theme, is semi-encouraged)
  • Do not try to ruin the game for others
  • No personal insults, racism, sexism, homophobic remarks etc. We understand that some debates get heated, but try to keep it civil
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