Replay of ext-024

This was a 24 hour online game of werewolf / mafia started on 2016-05-22, where each player was given a new random identity from a selection of well known geeky characters

Werewolf roles in this game: 2 werewolves, 1 bloodhound

Village roles in this game: 1 Seer, 1 Protector, 1 Huntsman, 1 Gravedigger

Play a game of online werewolf.

  • Day 1
  • Aeris Tue 19:07
    are all roles on this chat (sorry first time player being a noob)
  • Zerg Tue 19:47
    What do you mean exactly? :)
    Anyways, I am sorry for joining this late, I had some things to do :)
  • Aeris Tue 20:04
    like is this a chat for the whole village or just certain roles?
  • Zerg Tue 20:21
    During the day, the whole village can chat, during the night, only the wolves can chat
    other roles can only do their stuff at night
  • Aeris Tue 20:33
    thanks :)
    when will the game go to night
  • Night 1
  • Moderator
    Night falls. As the village sleeps the werewolves begin to stir and decide who to eat tonight...
  • Death
    Sabretooth was killed during the night.
  • Day 2
  • Moderator
    The sun rises, the village is safe from the werewolves for now. Discuss who you think is a wolf, soon you will get a chance to lynch them
  • Zerg Wed 12:04
    Anyone there?
  • Skywalker Wed 13:33
    Only wolves would ask if anyone is here :)
  • Steve Wed 13:46
    only wolves would lynch people without evidence...
  • Skywalker Wed 13:52
    I'm a Skywalker, no night walker
  • Steve Wed 13:53
    that's exactly what wolves would say....
  • Skywalker Wed 13:56
    Reverse logic?
  • Steve Wed 14:15
    I'm not sure what you mean when you say "reverse logic" but lynching the wrong people is suicidal ya know -_-
  • Skywalker Wed 14:29
    Who do you suggest to lynch then? (Besides me of course)
  • Steve Wed 14:34
    I don't know since there are no evidences yet
    yesterday I was inactive and I still didn't catch up with the story...
  • Pikachu Wed 15:51
    Hi! This is my first game :P
    What are we supposed to base our votes on?
  • Steve Wed 16:23
    You vote for the one who you think to be suspicious
  • Skywalker Wed 17:53
    The Moderator and Death are the only ones I would trust
  • Zerg Wed 19:09
    Skywalker... I asked if anyone was there at that point in time, because I am an early bird, and noone was online yet
  • Skywalker Wed 19:10
    I understand ;)
  • Zerg Wed 19:11
    I don't want to be too aggressive, but... if you read carefully what Aeris asjed me last day, it is a bit odd
    Aeris Tue 21:04: "like is this a chat for the whole village or just certain roles?"
  • Skywalker Wed 19:13
    Good thinking. Only wolves have a special chat right?
  • Zerg Wed 19:13
    I might be wrong, but maybe by those "certain roles" he actually meant wolves... being one of them himself, he probabbly wanted to know when it will be safe for him to talk
    Yes... they do
  • Skywalker Wed 19:14
    Man, that is so suspicious
    I wonder what Aeris has to say about this
  • Zerg Wed 19:16
    It was literally like: "hey guys, I am a new player, so I was wondering if you could tell me when the wolves can talk in privacy, not that I am a wolf or something you know..."
  • Skywalker Wed 19:21
    It is very suspicious, let's hope Aeris can defend him/herself before night falls at 21:00 GMT so we don't have to lynch a normal villager
    if he/she is one of course
  • Zerg Wed 19:28
    Anyways, I am a bit bad at calculating that time... how much time left untill the night?
  • Skywalker Wed 19:29
    Uhm, let me calculate, I'm not good at the either
  • Pikachu Wed 19:30
    Oh okay, thanks for explaining :)
  • Skywalker Wed 19:30
    It would be 11:00 PM where I live, so 2 hours 30 minutes
  • Zerg Wed 19:31
    If I am correct, it's 2.5 hours left?
  • Pikachu Wed 19:31
    I think I'll hold my vote until I have more information, I dont suspect anyone :P
  • Skywalker Wed 19:31
    Yeah, correct
  • Zerg Wed 19:31
    Oh! Really? :D Then we are in the same time zone Skywalker! :D
    Where are you from if I might ask? :D
  • Skywalker Wed 19:32
    The Netherlands, but now living in Belgium. You?
  • Zerg Wed 19:33
    I am from Serbia :D Oh well, not such a good country :D
  • Skywalker Wed 19:33
    Why not?
    Any wolves there? :P
  • Pikachu Wed 19:33
  • Zerg Wed 19:34
    Pikachu, your right to vote is yours alone, you are supposed to vote fir whom you want, and when you want
    Well, no wolves, but a lot of filty piggs...
    I hate my country :D
  • Skywalker Wed 19:37
    That is unfortunate.
  • Grumpy Wed 19:37
    Zerg got the points about aeris.
  • Skywalker Wed 19:38
    Ah, Grumpy is awake
  • Grumpy Wed 19:38
    If Zerg dies today, I think the wolves do this with 2 reasons.
    1st, the wolves want to eliminate one of our detective
    2nd, the wolves want to put our attention on Aeris (if Aeris is not one of them)
    either way, It's really difficult for us to make a decision
  • Skywalker Wed 19:40
    That might be very true
    Very well thought like a wolf ;)
  • Grumpy Wed 19:40
    if protector and huntsman are here, I hope they will protect Zerg. So if noone dies tomorrow, we know that they are active
  • Zerg Wed 19:41
    He was just speaking from the neutral point of view
  • Grumpy Wed 19:41
    lol skywalker, are you newbie
  • Skywalker Wed 19:41
    Yes I am :)
    I know he was ;)
  • Grumpy Wed 19:41
    Actually, I suspect you when you put ur vote on Zerg first
    because in the point of wolves, they just want more death
    so they provoke people to kill innocent people.
  • Skywalker Wed 19:42
    But I listen to very well reasoning and Zerg has a point
  • Zerg Wed 19:43
    Yes, I suspected hin right then too, and not because he voted against me, that has nothing to do with it, but because he voted against the person who was just checking if they had any company for a conversation
  • Grumpy Wed 19:43
    but your point was so weak, then you don't want to be explored. So you move your vote to another and another in order to make people believe that you are newbie
    and it's just a newbie mistake
    but in fact, you are one of the wolves.
  • Skywalker Wed 19:44
    Well, at that point there was no evidence to base my vote on. But now there is.
  • Zerg Wed 19:45
    Anyways, for now, my only suspect is Aeris... he might be a new player, but still... it is too fishy to ask such a question like he did
  • Skywalker Wed 19:45
    The huntsman will probably protect Zerg now
  • Grumpy Wed 19:45
    I think so Zerg.
  • Zerg Wed 19:46
    Also, you might be right about Skywalker as well... I will keep my eyes on him too
  • Grumpy Wed 19:47
    it's bad because 7/14 are active.
  • Skywalker Wed 19:47
    You both may do so, I have nothing to hide
  • Grumpy Wed 19:47
    Sabretooth is Thesilentone (we know he was active in the last 2 games)
  • Zerg Wed 19:47
    Well, then it could be that some of the wolves are inactive too, but also some of the good roles
  • Grumpy Wed 19:47
    bad lost for us (the villages)
  • Zerg Wed 19:48
    Can anyone tell me what is the amount of wolves, villagers and special roles in this game, I deleted my email without reading it by accident :/
  • Grumpy Wed 19:49
    3 wolves (including 1 bloodhound)
  • Zerg Wed 19:49
  • Skywalker Wed 19:49
    What does a bloodhound do?
  • Grumpy Wed 19:49
    side of the villagers have: 1 seer, 1 protector, 1 huntsman, 3 grave diggers, 1 lycan - the rest are villager
    Bloodhound is a kinda seer, but in the wolves side
  • Skywalker Wed 19:50
    Ah okay. That is bad :/
  • Grumpy Wed 19:50
    so powerful :)
  • Zerg Wed 19:51
    Bloodhound can sniff things out... he is similar to seer, only he is on the wolves side, and he can get the exact info about someone's role
  • Skywalker Wed 19:51
    So that's the one to kill first
  • Zerg Wed 19:51
    But we can't know who that person is
    I just hope that he is inactive...
    And we have 50% chance for that being true :)
  • Grumpy Wed 19:52
    don't expect anything, then you will never be disappointed :)
  • Zerg Wed 19:54
    Yes, but always try to predict every posible scenario, no matter how unlikely it seams to happen
    If you are always thinking ahead, nothing can surprise you
  • Grumpy Wed 20:03
  • Aeris Wed 20:03
    I have a special role...and I know this is giving information but I can say my role can give no information therefor not a werewolf. that sounds really cryptic sorry but its true
  • Grumpy Wed 20:04
    Sorry, I don't get ur point
    are u grave digger?
  • Aeris Wed 20:05
    how do you un-vote?
  • Grumpy Wed 20:05
    u can't
    just move to another
    why did u vote on skywalker?
    because he voted on u?
  • Aeris Wed 20:06
    damn it! but anyway back to my role. I have no information on other characters therefor not a wolf. (or any other special role that can see cards)
    ik its probs stupid to give away info but this is to prove me innocent :)
  • Grumpy Wed 20:07
    Actually, that doesn't prove anything :)
    We can't believe you just because you said you keep a special role
    I mean it's not enough :)
  • Aeris Wed 20:07
    ik, but how can i prove it? anyone got anything to say. I truly have never played before and I was curious
    I'm still confused about how the night chat works, can anyone explain..please :)
  • Grumpy Wed 20:08
    well, we just suspect you and Skywalker. But we haven't put any vote yet.
  • Aeris Wed 20:09
    i accidentally voted for skywalker but now i can't un vote and i have no idea who's guilty
  • Grumpy Wed 20:09
    when the night comes, we (villagers) can't chat anymore.
  • Aeris Wed 20:09
    who can then?
  • Grumpy Wed 20:09
    however, the wolves can. They can chat freely and discuss who they should kill
  • Aeris Wed 20:10
    anyone else? cuz i promise I'm not a werewolf and could speak
  • Grumpy Wed 20:10
    you can put your vote on other, balance the votes here, so noone dies then
  • Aeris Wed 20:11
    what was the role of the person who died in the night?
    sorry, zerg
    balancing it out
  • Grumpy Wed 20:11
    I don't know. We have to wait until tomorrow. The grave digger will do this job for us
  • Aeris Wed 20:12
    awesome! why could i speak at night to zerg, if i am a werewolf doesn't that make him one too?
  • Grumpy Wed 20:13
    When did u talk with Zerg?
  • Aeris Wed 20:14
    according to zerg tue, 21:04 though in my time i think it was 22:04
    definitely after nightfall
  • Grumpy Wed 20:15
    what did u talk if u don't mind?
  • Zerg Wed 20:16
    Well, check again.. that was before the night phase begun
  • Aeris Wed 20:17
    zerg said it earlier. i asked him, "like is this a chat for the whole village or just certain roles?"
    random guess :P
    sorry, i'm bad with tactics
  • Grumpy Wed 20:18
    well, the time you talked with Zerg, it was the daylight here.
  • Zerg Wed 20:19
    Aeris, you need to know the difference between night time in real life, and in the game, night time in the game starts at 9pm gmt, wich means at 11pm in my time, and if I am correct in 12pm in your time
  • Aeris Wed 20:20
    it wasn't cuz i had found out my role therefor it had reached nightfall...and also i might be wrong as i'm in GMT
  • Zerg Wed 20:21
    You have found out your role? O.o What do you mean? You know your role from the very start, it says what your role is at the very top
  • Aeris Wed 20:22
    i got it when it reached nightfall. it even said night has fallen, well at least when i asked you the question. was it not the same for you?
  • Zerg Wed 20:23
    No O.o We talked forst, when you asked me that question about chat, and after we finished talking, night fell
  • Aeris Wed 20:25
    that makes so much sense now! thank you. sorry, i was being confusing. I slept literally just after talking to you so I wasn't in the chat of werewolves i just didn't realise. I promise I'm not a werewolf...but I'm not a plain villager either
  • Zerg Wed 20:26
    Then you are either a huntsman or a protector... if you are telling the truth...
    Grumpy, are you still with us?
  • Aeris Wed 20:28
    i thought there were more roles...oops. well my tactics were s***
  • Skywalker Wed 20:29
    Aeris, are you a huntsman?
  • Aeris Wed 20:30
    who's the protector?
    protect me? cuz I'm doomed
  • Skywalker Wed 20:31
    What does ssh mean?
  • Zerg Wed 20:31
    Well, you are either a really bad new player but honest... or... you are just trying your best to act like one... either way, if you are a protector... protect yourself tonight... if you are a huntsman, protect someone you want, and hope that protector will keep you safe, because the wolves will probabbly attack you tonight
  • Aeris Wed 20:32
    ik. I'm actually an idiot. but there's a first go at everything often are games played
  • Zerg Wed 20:33
    Okay, you are a really bad new player... if you really are a huntsman, then prey to god that protector is active and that he'll keep you safe, because you gave yourself up so easy
  • Skywalker Wed 20:33
    Aeris, are you a huntsman?
  • Zerg Wed 20:33
    Well, if everything goes right, the admin will make a new game in a few days
    Yes, he is... if he is nit screwing us
  • Skywalker Wed 20:34
    Did he say he was?
  • Aeris Wed 20:35
    fine...i'm the protector. cuz I'm practically dead come at me
    im so bad at this but now i know don't ask questions
  • Zerg Wed 20:35
    He said just enough that everyone with enough brain can figure it out
  • Aeris Wed 20:35
    or be cryptic
    cryptic is bad
  • Zerg Wed 20:36
    If you are a protector, then you can save yourself for this night at least
  • Skywalker Wed 20:36
    Protect yourself!
  • Zerg Wed 20:36
    But in that case, I guess I'm dead :D
  • Aeris Wed 20:37
    how many times can you protect someone in a row
    cuz oops
    i'm gonna sacrifice myself for the sake of the people
  • Skywalker Wed 20:37
    Once per night the Protector can shield a player from harm. Although the Protector cannot choose the same person to guard two consecutive nights.
  • Zerg Wed 20:37
    Only once
  • Aeris Wed 20:37
    well I'm dead. i will be the martyr of this game :P
    unless werewolves you feel like sparing a new player?
  • Zerg Wed 20:38
    So, it has to be a new player every night... or you can just go back and fourth between two players
  • Skywalker Wed 20:39
    Is Grumpy still here?
  • Zerg Wed 20:39
    It appears that he is not... sadly though,
  • Skywalker Wed 20:40
    At first I suspected Aeris, but now I don't know anymore
  • Zerg Wed 20:41
    Well, there are 2 posibilities... either he is really, really bad newbie, or... he is one slimy little wolf who is acting good
    But tomorrow or the day after, we will know
  • Skywalker Wed 20:42
    Playing the newbie card is quite an tactic
  • Zerg Wed 20:43
    Nope, it is a very bad tactic... the besf way for the wolf to hide is to just be as natural as posible and play along... make theories, suggestions... be the part of the village
  • Aeris Wed 20:43
    yeah..sorry to say I'm just a giant noob
  • Zerg Wed 20:44
    I should know... I used to be very succesful as a wolf in past games :D
  • Aeris Wed 20:44
    i thought it was going well and then i decided to speak and it all went downhill :P
  • that some passive, i am a wolf???? :P
    i have to vote for someone so...
    i accidentally voted and now i can't un-vote :((((((
  • Zerg Wed 20:45
    I don't get what you mean there?
    Anyways, just to announce this to everyone... I em expecting that either me or Aeris dies this night
  • Aeris Wed 20:47
    90% me....dont mind but i hope there will be another game soon. can you still see this game even after you're dead?
  • Zerg Wed 20:48
    Yes, and you can chat with the other people that died
  • Aeris Wed 20:50
    awesome! that can entertain me for a bit :P
  • Zerg Wed 20:51
    Nad you can also see everything that the ones still alive say
    And *
  • Pikachu Wed 20:51
    What happens when the votes are tied, nobody dies?
  • Zerg Wed 20:52
    Yes, if there is a tie, noone dies...
  • Pikachu Wed 20:52
    Is that beneficial for the village or the wolves?
  • Zerg Wed 20:53
    But, there is still one hour left, just enough time for a wolf to show himself if he is not carefull
    Well, it depends, if you don't know who the wolf is, then it is better not to lynch
    But doing so, you just give those wolves the clear sign that they are well hidden, therefore, it helps them a bit more
  • Skywalker Wed 20:56
    How am I to be certain if someone is a wolf if I am not The Seer?
    I prefer the voting on someone who is acting suspicious
  • Zerg Wed 20:57
    By carefully reading every word they say... read between the lines and try to think the way they think
  • Skywalker Wed 20:58
    That is exactly how I determine if someone is acting suspicious ;)
  • Zerg Wed 20:58
    Well, if you allready know that, why did you ask me then? :D
  • Skywalker Wed 20:59
    Because maybe you have a better way of knowing
  • Zerg Wed 21:00
    Intuition? Maybe? :D
  • Aeris Wed 21:00
  • Zerg Wed 21:01
    What is suspicious? O.o
  • Grumpy Wed 21:03
    I'm back
    I suggest this plan, but I will not what you should do Aeris :)
    so that the wolves will not know what we're going to do
    I mean the wolves cannot anticipate our moves.
    1st plan: Aeris protects Zerg, Huntsman protects Aeris. So that If the wolves attack Aeris, one of them dies. If the wolves attack Zerg, no-one dies :)
    2nd plan: Aeris protects yourself, Huntsman protect Zerg :)
    You have to decide your choice and DO NOT tell us what you're up to do
    let's hope :)
    Why did u call me Skywalker? what do u want to say to me?
  • Skywalker Wed 21:07
    I wanted to know your opinion, but you already gave it ;)
  • Aeris Wed 21:07
    awesome!!!!!! werwolves can be slightly prepared though...but great plan
    is it an hour now?
  • Zerg Wed 21:07
    Good :) Catch up then, I really need an opinion of someone who is smart enough :) No offense to the others
  • Aeris Wed 21:08
    don't worry, you've already seen I'm slightly idiotic
    we're keeping equal votes right so no one has to die :)
    if someone dies they can't talk to the living right, that makes sense....
  • Grumpy Wed 21:11
    yes :)
  • Zerg Wed 21:13
    Oh, you spoke allready but I almost missed it :D Yup, both are good plans Grumpy
  • Grumpy Wed 21:14
    Gandalf, Sabretooth and EpicFetch haven't given a word yet.
    Pikachu said a very little
  • Zerg Wed 21:14
    The only problem is... how will the huntsman know who to protect? :D
  • Grumpy Wed 21:15
    he doesn't know :)
    that's why I said "let's hope"
    the good thing is, the wolves also don't know who will protect who
  • Zerg Wed 21:16
    True :D I hope he is smart (but more than that, I hope that he is active) :D
  • Aeris Wed 21:16
    please say huntsman is here to choose, if he does neither plan that will be soon annoying
  • Grumpy Wed 21:16
    maybe they will decide to kill another (not Zerg and Aeris) instead of choosing you guys.
  • Aeris Wed 21:16
    if he kills a werewolf then fair enough
  • Grumpy Wed 21:16
    nope, he shouldn't come out
  • Aeris Wed 21:17
    shouldn't come out, just active so he can make a decision when the time comes and know the plan
  • Grumpy Wed 21:17
  • Zerg Wed 21:17
    In that case, you might die as well for suggesting such a good plan :D Lol... wolves are slimy little fucks and if they don't feel safe killing someone, they will just attack someone else who is a treath
  • Grumpy Wed 21:19
    just a defensive plan, not a threat to the wolves :)
  • Aeris Wed 21:19
    the huntsman idea is
    that could kill one of them
  • Grumpy Wed 21:19
    their job is to find out the seer. However I'm not the seer
  • Aeris Wed 21:19
    yeah, depends how they prioritise
  • Zerg Wed 21:20
    Well, they do have a fucking sniffer! (Bloodhound) so we are screwed if he is active :D
  • Grumpy Wed 21:20
    moreover, I'm trying to get their attention, so that I can sacrifice for the seer :)
    at this point, the seer have one more day to do his job :D
  • Aeris Wed 21:21
    how many werewolves are there?
  • Grumpy Wed 21:22
    yeah, I want to be bloodhound this game. Sadly, I'm not :(
  • Zerg Wed 21:22
    Oh well, this might sound wrong, but I wouldn't sacrifice unless I had to :D I want to stay alive untill the end if posible :) And to see if my detective skills are good :D
  • Grumpy Wed 21:23
    3 wolves
  • Aeris Wed 21:23
    makes sense, all of us speaking have good reason to be killed distracting them from their real prey. and that still leaves a lot of people excluding us and the werewolves (assuming you are not werewolves)
  • Grumpy Wed 21:23
    we have 9 out of 14 active players
  • Zerg Wed 21:24
    Anyways, Grumpy... since I consider you the wisest among the active people other than me... should we lync today at all?
    We could go for those that said nothing at all, but were active?
    Maybe we get lucky and maybe we don't :/
    Or, do you want to leave things as they are and see what happens tomorrow
  • Aeris Wed 21:27
    ik i'm not grumpy and not really skilled but isn't it a bit rash seeing as it's roughly 50 50 on whether we kill a wolf or villager and therefor taking villagers lives pointlessly
  • Zerg Wed 21:29
    Well, that's what we have to decide... is it smart to take that 50-50 chance
  • Grumpy Wed 21:29
    I think we shouldn't do the lynching things today (even Skywalker is my big suspicion now)
  • Skywalker Wed 21:29
    Wut?! Why me?
  • Aeris Wed 21:30
    your the only other person who's spoken i guess
    well...pikachu a bit
  • Grumpy Wed 21:31
    :)) haha just my experiment Skywalker. Don't mind.
    correct me if I'm wrong guys
    I put Skywalker on my chat lines with 2 purposes
    1st, I want to know if he still follows the story with us. However he didn't participate with us -> he's thinking something
  • Skywalker Wed 21:33
    Hahaha, no I'm just watching a movie simultaneously
  • Zerg Wed 21:33
    I don't know... imthis does sound like something a wolf would say, but don't take this as a blood thirst... but I would risk with lynching today... aye, we might kill an innocent, but we might also get lucky, and that could be confirmed by a gravedigger tomorrow
  • Grumpy Wed 21:33
    2nd, if he's here, we will react with my opinion (like he just did)
  • Aeris Wed 21:34
    what if sabretooth was the huntsman?
  • Skywalker Wed 21:34
    Then the huntsman would be dead
  • Aeris Wed 21:34
    does are plan just fail?
    actually i guess only one plan could fail the other wouldn't
  • Zerg Wed 21:35
    Well, you gave yourself an answer then... was is the keyword :D But it's unlikely that he was
  • Aeris Wed 21:36
    that would be unfortunate but possible, your probably right your like 100x more experienced than me
  • Zerg Wed 21:38
    Okay, this is something I do know... if the bloodhound is active, then he checked someone last night, and he will share that information with the wolves tonight... which is bad... and if he got lucky finding a seer allready, then we are in a big trouble
  • Aeris Wed 21:38
    how does the bloodhound work>
    ? not > sorry
  • Grumpy Wed 21:39
    Aeris, do u mind if I ask u who you protected yesterday?
  • Zerg Wed 21:39
    Just though I should mention that to you guys, because I don't know if you thought about it at all
    We told you allready, he can check someone's role during the night
    20 minutes left...
  • Aeris Wed 21:40
    i don't think I chose, my computer glitched and when i clicked it kept on saying I had then hadn't so i'm not too sure. cool thanks zerg, ik I'm being the annoying noob on this but i wanna get the questions over with so if I play another game i won't be so annoying
  • Zerg Wed 21:42
    Well, it must have told you who you clicked?
  • Aeris Wed 21:43
    just checked, apparently no one so i have a choice
  • Grumpy Wed 21:44
    what do u mean Aeris?
  • Aeris Wed 21:47
    it seems that it think i was inactive during the night
  • Zerg Wed 21:47
    Okay, just checked the "active during last day" list... it appears that Skywalker joined us today, since he is not on that list
  • Skywalker Wed 21:48
    That is true. I wan't active yesterday
  • Zerg Wed 21:48
    That means, 7 active players from yesterday (minus Sabretooth is 6) and adding Skywalker today, that means 7 active people
    Well, If we suppose that there are at least 2 active volves, then it's only 5 good guys... so our chances would slightly bellow 30% on lynching a wolf...
    To lynch or not to lynch? 8 minutes left...
  • Skywalker Wed 21:54
    No lynching and let's see what the night brings
  • Grumpy Wed 21:55
  • Skywalker Wed 21:55
    Lynch steve?
  • Grumpy Wed 21:55
    nope, I mean Steve was inactive Day 1, but he's here today
    we have 8 active players.
  • Skywalker Wed 21:56
    So even less % on a wolf
  • Grumpy Wed 21:56
    I think just leave it here today Zerg
  • Zerg Wed 21:57
    Oh! Right... forgot him O.o Well, 25% if we lynch...
  • Grumpy Wed 21:57
    tmr is a better day for lynching. Everything goes faster on Day 3 in every games
  • Zerg Wed 21:57
    Let it be then... and hope for the best :)
    If I die, I don't relly care... again, I hate being a villager :D
    I guess it's goodnight you guys, a few more minutes left :D
  • Skywalker Wed 21:59
    Goodnight, hopefully see all of you in the morning
  • Zerg Wed 21:59
    Same here
  • Aeris Wed 21:59
    goodnight :)
  • Night 2
  • Moderator
    Night falls. As the village sleeps the werewolves begin to stir and decide who to eat tonight...
  • Death
    EpicFetch was killed during the night.
  • Day 3
  • Moderator
    The sun rises, the village is safe from the werewolves for now. Discuss who you think is a wolf, soon you will get a chance to lynch them
  • Zerg Thu 10:04
    Oh really? Well, this makes things really easy...
    If you guys just check the "active during the last day" list, you will have all the answers you need... since Gandalf wasn't there last night, and Magneto just logged in but said nothing, those are some changes... BUT! Pikachu is there from the very start, he said shit, but the people kept dying for two nights straight....
    I think that's clear enough sign...
    So, as soon as the option for voting gets open, I know who is going to recieve my vote...
    Also, I am not quite convinced that Aeris is a "newbie on a good side of the village" as he claims to be, so I will have to check that too
  • Steve Thu 10:11
    I don't suspect Aeris :| He asked for that timing thing and it's really innocent
    Anyways, it's time we started lynching
    Who do you suggest?
  • Zerg Thu 10:13
    So, considered active are: Grumpy, Gandalf, Skywalker, Steve, Magneto, me, Aeris and Pikachu... that's 8 players... during day one, it was only Grumpy, Gandalf, Aeris, Pikachu, me and the now dead people... during day two, we had Steve and Skywalker join us, so they are not that likely to be wolves... and as you see this morning, Magneto joined, but Gandalf went off
    So, if we count from the very start, Grumpy, Aeris, Pikachu and me were the ones to always be here
  • Skywalker Thu 10:15
    Fact: Grumpy mentioned the last death earlier: "Gandalf, Sabretooth and EpicFetch haven't given a word yet."
  • Zerg Thu 10:15
    Which makes Pikachu a wolf!
  • Steve Thu 10:16
    But what if Aeris is not that innocent? And yeah the thing that Grumpy said is kinda suspicious
  • Zerg Thu 10:16
    Yes, so? I don't know if the wolves tried to be nice by killing people who say nothing, but that surely didn't help them, because now I know for sure who is one of the wolves
  • Steve Thu 10:16
    So it's Pikachu?
  • Skywalker Thu 10:18
    I don't know about Pikachu
  • Zerg Thu 10:18
    Yes, I am 99% sure of it! Why is it suspicious just because he said it? He just pointed out a fact that everyone would notice sooner or later... the thing is, the wolves (or a wolf in this case) saw the opportunity to kill those mentioned by Grumpy to make him look suspicious
  • Skywalker Thu 10:19
    Zerg you defending a wolf makes you look more suspicious ;P
  • Zerg Thu 10:20
    And I don't know why, but I have a feeling that Grumpy could be the one of those 3 gravediggers... in which case, he will be very helpfull since we will know for sure if we got a wolf... but... he will also be of help to the wolves because they will also find the info he shares usefull
  • Skywalker Thu 10:20
    Could be true
  • Zerg Thu 10:21
    I am not defending anyone, I don't even care if you think it's Grumpy... vote for him... I don't give a fuck :D I just said what I know from carefully examining the situation we are in.
    Skywalker, you are a new player right? Just check the active players list from the last days, you will figure things out for sure
    Day one: Aeris, Zerg, Sabretooth, Grumpy, Pikachu, Gandalf, EpicFetch (Sabretooth dies during the night)
    Day 2: Zerg, Skywalker, Steve, Pikachu, Grumpy, Aeris, Magneto (EpicFetch dies during the night)
    And now, day 3... I know for sure that Aeris, Pikachu, Grumy and I will be active (along with the others that joined yesterday, and those who join today) Which means that among the four of us, one is a wolf and that's for sure
  • Skywalker Thu 10:27
    Or maybe two right?
  • Zerg Thu 10:27
    Now, since I know it is not me... and If I trust Aeris... and consider Grumpy to be good because he did spoke as a true village folk, Pikachu must be a wolf
    Well, there could be two, but we know one of them for sure
  • Skywalker Thu 10:27
    Yeah, and that's Grumpy
  • Zerg Thu 10:27
    the other one could be Aeris, but not likely...
    And why do you think it's Grumpy?
  • Skywalker Thu 10:30
    Gut feelings
    Why aren't you a wolf?
  • Zerg Thu 10:31
    Well, I guess your gut feelings are wrong then... but that's okay, eveyone has a mind of their own and I will not judge that... if you think it's him, then wote for him :P But I suggest that we eliminate Pikachu first, because I am 99% sure that he is a wolf
    Why aren't I? Well, why do you ask me that? :D Ask the game system for not giving me that role :P
  • Skywalker Thu 10:33
    Hahaha, okay.
    Let's kill some quiet people.
  • Zerg Thu 10:35
    And If my guessing is correct, then the killing will stop after we kill Pikachu... if they do not however... that means that we have one more wolf who either joined, or was allready in... and that wolf is hiding among these people: Gandalf, Skywalker, Steve and magneto...
  • Skywalker Thu 10:36
    and don't forget Zerg
    Also a possibility
  • Zerg Thu 10:36
    But don't start defending yourself yet guys... I didn't accuse you... I just said that there could be another wolf, and in that case, it has to be one of you guys
    Well, to you, yes, it could be a possibility, because you don't know for sure who I am, but for me, it is not a possibility since I know who I am
    I am off for now... I will be back in about half an hour to cast my vote... the wolf has to die
  • Skywalker Thu 11:23
    Oh, now that I read it again. Why didn't Zerg mention Grumpy in the list of people that might be a wolf? Since it is also possible that Grumpy is a wolf. Are both Zerg and Grumpy wolves and they defend each other? Fact: Anyone who automatically trusts another person must be suspected to be a wolf, because the only people who have enough knowledge to trust each other are the werewolves. It is clear that Zerg trusts Grumpy without any real evidence to trust him. THIS IS SUSPICIOUS. Wed 21:08 Grumpy said: "well, we just suspect [Aeris] and Skywalker. But we haven't put any vote yet." The 'we' he is talking about are Zerg and himself, since no other players were in the chat at that moment. There was no real evidence for them to suspect Aeris other than him being a new player that doesn't know how this game works. And also there was no real evidence to suspect Skywalker other than a joke at the begining of the second day. But this joke gave away an aliance between Zerg and Grumpy. Grumpy suspects the one who endangers the wolves, which was Skywalker at that moment. Wed 20:40 Grumpy said: "if protector and huntsman are here, I hope they will protect Zerg." Fact again: Anyone who automatically trusts another person must be suspected to be a wolf, because the only people who have enough knowledge to trust each other are the werewolves. THIS IS SUSPICOUS Wed 20:40; After a long reasoning by Grumpy about what it would mean if Zerg dies, Skywalker made a joke: "Very well thought like a wolf ;)" After which Zerg went into defending mode: Wed 20:41; "He was just speaking from the neutral point of view". It is clear that Zerg trusts Grumpy without any real evidence to trust him. Well, fact again: Anyone who automatically trusts another person must be suspected to be a wolf, because the only people who have enough knowledge to trust each other are the werewolves. If you are still not convinced, please read the 10 minutes from Wed 20:37 when Grumpy said: "Zerg got the points about aeris" till Wed 20:47 when Skywalker said: "You both may do so, I have nothing to hide". And while you are reading it, keep in mind that both Grumpy and Zerg are wolves. You will see that they are working together when you read it. The only people who have enough knowledge to trust each other are the werewolves. GRUMPY AND ZERG ARE WOLVES
    And if we all vote to put Zerg on trial the villagers have a chance to win!
    And if Zerg changes his vote to me from now on, he is a wolf for sure
  • Zerg Thu 11:38
    You are either fucking dumb or you are just a wolf yourself... who ever said I trusted him? I don't trust anyone... but from the way he speaks, I assume that he is on the good side of the village
  • Skywalker Thu 11:39
    The only motive for contradicting yourself is if you're a Werewolf.
  • Zerg Thu 11:41
    I only agreed with his point of view, because he is not fucking retarded like you are... he started doing statistics right away, and created strong theories... while you on the other hand first acted as a "new player"... while all of a sudden, you know a lot about how to spot a suspicious behavior? Yeah right... nice act, but It won't fool me
    No matter what, my opinion stays the same, Pikachu is the wolf, and I will not move my vote to you... at least not today
    But I have my eyes on you, and I will uncover you!
  • Skywalker Thu 11:56
    A drowning man will clutch at a straw. Logic has you in the corner. You are not fooling me.
    What will you uncover? Me being a villager?
    I have nothing to hide
  • Zerg Thu 12:10
    What logic? :D Yours? Well, nice logic you've got there... if you haven't noticed, I was the only one to start conversing, making theories, deductions, I am the one who wants to catch those fucking wolves... because I am pissed off for being a villager again... I hate being a villager... but since I am one, I might as well do whatever I can to find the wolves... and by carefully observing the deaths of those two person, and the people who were active from the very start, the wolf has to be among the 4 persons (Pikachu, Aeris, Grumpy and me) Now... I know it's not me, and so far I have no reason to suspect Grumpy, since he also made some good theories.... Aeris is behaving a bit odd, but the Pikachu has a natural behavior of a wolf, and I've seen it a lot! Wolves just say very little or speak only when they are in danger, or they are usually not even active during the day if they don't have to be, because everything they care about is the night time when they can kill!
    Therefore, Pikachu is the werewolf who was responsible for the killing from the very start
    Now, to all the other players who are active... I am calling upon you to state your mind and vote today! Give your vote to a person who you suspect the most! even if it is me, I do not care. You can listen to others, but trust your own judgment
    And to help you out, I will just give you shorter versions on what options you have: Skywalker says that me and Grumpy are wolves because he claims we "trust" each other O.o Though I don't know where he got that idea from... I never said I trust anyone... and if I did, I sure wrote "I trust you... for now" because that means that at the moment, I have no reason to suspect that person, but it doesn't mean that I am not keeping my eyes on them
    and the other option is this: I am 99% sure that Pikachu is a wolf by deducing the pattern of killing and the people who were active from the very start... also, I have to say that Aeris was behaving a bit strange, and now Skywalker is just pissed because he got everything wrong, but he is strongly convinced that he is right... which is okay, since everyone has a right to think and speak up their mind...
    And now, to you Skywalker... it seams unlikely that you are a wolf, the amount of your drama tells me that you are just a villager like me who is desperate to find the wolves, but you are frustrated because as a villagers, we have no tools and weapons against them like the special roles do... we can only guess, make theories and hope to be right... and trust me, I know how that feels
    So I just suggest you open your eyes and take a look at the pattern I mentioned... examin it very carefully and you will see it yourself
  • Bruce Thu 12:35
    Sorry x I forget game
  • Steve Thu 12:36
    I'll listen to Zerg.
  • Zerg Thu 12:37
    Thank you Steve, you will not be disapointed
  • Bruce Thu 12:37
    I think skywakker has good argument
  • Zerg Thu 12:38
    Bruce, that's okay, a lot of people forget to check if the game started
    Well, if that is what you think, then be free to vote for whoever you want
  • Skywalker Thu 12:39
    I indeed say that Zerg and Grumpy are wolves because I claims they trust each other. And they do, you can read it for example in the 10 minutes from Wed 20:37 when Grumpy said: "Zerg got the points about aeris" till Wed 20:47 when Skywalker said: "You both may do so, I have nothing to hide", while you keep in mind that both Grumpy and Zerg are wolves. We all want to catch those wolves. And let's all not forget what Zerg said Wed 21:44: "I should know... I used to be very succesful as a wolf in past games :D"
    But we all must go for ONE WOLF per day. I'd say let's go for Zerg this day, and the next day we lynch Grumpy
  • Zerg Thu 12:41
    Agreeing with someone is not the same as trusting someone... for the last time, are you that dumb? O.o
  • Skywalker Thu 12:42
    Bruce, if you think I have a good argument, please vote for Zerg
  • Zerg Thu 12:43
    If someone agrees with what you say, that doesn't mean that they trust you also... it just means that you have a common cause... and for me, that cause is catching a wolf... so, if someone agrees with my way of thinking then I just have a reason less to suspect that person... HOWEVER... I never completely trust anyone unless they get a solid proof that they are telling the truth
    And aye! I did say that I know what the wolves best strategy would be because I used to play as a wolf few times... but that is just a a fact that is not related for this game, but rather an usefull info... because I can think the way they do... Therefore, I am more likely to be correct with my guessings about who the wolf is
    And you just didn't have enough strong evidence to accuse me so you clinged to anything that you could twist into painting a wolves face on me...
  • Skywalker Thu 12:48
    True in one way, but you two keep agreeing with each other over and over again and it is way too suspicious
  • Zerg Thu 12:49
    I do realise that you personally hate me, and I do not fucking care, even if the whole village hates me, I don't care because I know who I am... and if you do lynch me I hope the guilt swallows you once the gravedigger confirms that I was in fact a villager
    Of course we agree! We agree because we played enough times to actually know what to look for and where to look...
    He had some logical conclusions and so did I
  • Skywalker Thu 12:50
    I hope you do care, if it is in the benefit of the village
    It seemed logical at the time, but that was just deception
  • Zerg Thu 12:51
    It is not in the benefit of the village if they like me or not... the only goal the villagers need to have is catching wolves...
  • Skywalker Thu 12:52
    Yeah, and that is why you should care if they want to lynch you or not
    Cause if they lynch you and you are a "vilager" like you say, you should care!
  • Zerg Thu 12:53
    you are just paranoid... the fact is... you are now feeling left out because you didn't come up with those theories in the first place... all the initiative was taken by those with a higher intelect... and now, you want to try to throw someone down in the mud just to be on top and to draw attention to yourself.... attention whore!
  • Skywalker Thu 12:53
    hahahahaha, nice one
  • Zerg Thu 12:54
    Nope... in that case I don't fucking care... because if they are stupid enough to kill a villager, then they are blind and I'd rather be dead then to be a part of a lost village...
  • Skywalker Thu 12:55
    That doesn't make sense I thnik
  • Zerg Thu 12:56
    To you it doesnt... because you don't have my mind... would you rather be dead or be a part of a blind village who can't think straight?
    If you were in a group of blind people who wouldn't listen to a strong argument would you rather stay or leave?
  • Skywalker Thu 12:57
    I'd rather be alive and have more villagers, that way I would care
  • Zerg Thu 12:58
    That is why I don't care if I die... but as long as I am alive, I will do my best to contribute to the village with logical ideas and theories... even if they cast me down, I don't give a fuck
  • Skywalker Thu 12:58
    Very well, that is what I like about you
  • Steve Thu 12:58
    Well Zerg is not the only one agreed with the theories which Grumpy gave out...
  • Skywalker Thu 12:59
    Because you also follow a wolf?
  • Zerg Thu 12:59
    Then you are still blind... Don't just think about the system and the game... think outside of the box... I was speaking about the society in global... would you stay in the group of people who won't listen to reason or would you just walk away?
  • Skywalker Thu 12:59
    Do you see that they are defending each other?
    I would stay, because I still think there is hope
  • Zerg Thu 13:00
    Defending? Skywalker, for the last time, are you retarded? O.o Did I ever say: "Please, don't vote for Grumpy, he is good, I trust him?"... that would be defending...
    I never said such a thing nor will I...
    Then again... you are blind
    If they don't want help, don't offer them help...
  • Skywalker Thu 13:02
    You won't say it because that would make you suspicious
  • Zerg Thu 13:02
    I never defended anyone now will I do so.... unless someone really has a proof that he is a seer, protector etc...
  • Skywalker Thu 13:02
    Then tell me, why shouldn't we lynch Grumpy with the whole village?
    Would you lynch Grumpy as a sign of your good will?
  • Zerg Thu 13:03
    no, I won't say it because I don't mean it... I really don't give a fuck for who you vote... I don't give a fuck who agrees with me and who doesn't... you have a mind of your own and I won't judge that.... I will however allways follow my own instincts
  • Steve Thu 13:03
    Because Pikachu is more likely to be the wolf
  • Zerg Thu 13:04
    Why would I lynch someone who did everything they could to contribute to this village?
  • Skywalker Thu 13:04
    Because it will prove you innocent
    That's why
  • Zerg Thu 13:05
    I voted for a person who is in my opinion a wolf... if people agree with me, that is okay, if they do not, that is also okay, everyone has a right to vote
  • Skywalker Thu 13:05
    And use that vote to vote for the wolf!
  • Zerg Thu 13:06
    As I said, I don't want to prove my innocence... I don't care if someone trusts me... this game is not about trust.... it's about logic... and if someone seams logical, I will agree with them, but I will never trust
  • Skywalker Thu 13:06
    Sorry guys, have to go now. Hope to be here again before nightfall
  • Zerg Thu 13:07
    I have to go as well, and honestly... vote for whom you want... my vote stays with my beliefs... Pikachu is a wolf in my opinion, and that stays even if I die
  • Skywalker Thu 13:09
    You say you don't care, but still are screaming like you care
    The only motive for contradicting yourself is if you're a wolf.
    Bye for now ;)
  • Zerg Thu 13:14
    I am just pissed because you are an idiot
    What kind of person changes his beliefs in a critical situation... you voted for me because you "believed" that I am a wlf... and when you saw that you had no complete support, you switched your vote to the other person who you "believe" is a wolf... when you saw that you had a better odds to kill that person since they allready had a vote on their head... so pathetic man...
  • Steve Thu 13:22
    Guys... now we have balanced our votes
  • Zerg Thu 13:23
    The thing you did would be the same as If I voted against you just because you piss me off...
    You do piss me off Skywalker, but my priority is to kill a wolf, so That is why my vote is true and stays there
    Steve, do not worry... if the others are smart enough, they will vote smart
    And also... don't bother with Skywalker... he is so dramatic and paranoid thst if you try to argue, he will just say you are a wolf too
    If his brain could understand the simple math and logic, he would know that what I said was straight to the point
    And I hope that you are staying true to your own word and cause... because if you do, Grumpy will show up eventually and I hope he has enough brain to vote for Pikachu... and if he does, we will have one less wolf to worry about
  • Pikachu Thu 14:28
    I love how you use the word deduce often and are in fact only grasping at straws xD
    And the second someone questiones your thinking and made a counter-argument you lost your head and start calling them stupid
    The reason I am not speaking like crazy is becouse I have no information, and dont want to just make shit up like you are doing right now xD
    If anything, I think the wolves would try to dictate the pace of the game and sway the village to their favour, not be quiet and do nothing like I've done. Besides, If I was the wolf you would have been dead first xD
    Also, saying you are a villager in every other message doesnt help your case. It's like you are desperate for us to believe it
    I think if you look for the definitions of Logic and Deduce you would be surprised :D
    If there where 4 people active on day 1 and someone got killed, you can deduce 1 is a wolf. That is all you can deduce from that. Unless someone makes a mistake you are not *deducing* anything, you are making a guess. Maybe an educated guess, maybe not, but a guess all the same.
    And I vote Grumpy becouse I know I'm not a wolf so it's in everyone's interest I live, and with a 2-2 tie I really dont have much choice.
  • Steve Thu 14:38
    Friendly reminder: there's no "villager" role here
  • Pikachu Thu 14:39
    Yes there is
  • Zerg Thu 14:39
    Well, villager is just a villager, it's not a role
    If that is what you wanted to say?
  • Steve Thu 14:39
    It'd not counted as a role
    But Pikachu's logic be like: shit they are lynching me I have to point out anp
    To die or else I qou
    (Typo, sorry)
  • Pikachu Thu 14:43
    It came out of nowhere, I wasnt expecting it xD
    And it's really not a deduction, just a guess, and a wrong one. I dont want to die :(
  • Steve Thu 14:44
    What I mean is that I don't see any logic in what you said to defend
  • Pikachu Thu 14:45
    There's much more logic is what I said that what you guys are trying to say about me.
    Logic should be based on facts. I am giving facts: If there were 4 people active on day 1, and someone died during the night, 1 person did it. Okay, fair. Who was it? You DONT know. Trying to say you have the right answer based on amount of things said is ridiculous.
    Another fact: my only vote has been given to defend myself, not to someone who I am suddenly CONVINCED that is a wolf out of NOWHERE.
  • Zerg Thu 14:49
    Nope, it was a good deduction... from the beginning of the game, same 4 persons are active... which means one of us must be a wolf... I know it ain't me, and for now, I am willing to trust that Aeris is a protector untill he does something suspicious... And also, I have no reason to suspect Grumpy because he was only helping so far
  • Pikachu Thu 14:51
    You have no reason to suspect me either! You are just randomly picking me becouse I said little.
  • Zerg Thu 14:52
    Your actions now say that you are a wolf... you were keeping very low, not saying anything, clinging to the shadows... and as soon as your ass gets called for being a wolf, you come up and just cast a vote on the first person who would in that case have more votes then you... that is an act of a wolf who is trying so desperate to survive...
  • Pikachu Thu 14:53
    And I really think it's weird that you feel the need to repeat over and over that you are a villager. Just becouse you repeat it doesnt make it true, or any more likely. Quite the opposite I think
  • Steve Thu 14:53
    But at least his point is quite logical
    And unless I find some one more suspicious, I would listen to him
  • Zerg Thu 14:54
    But that's where you are wrong... that is exactly a reason to suspect you... for the last time, I played as a wolf many times and I know all the patterns of their behavior... and the most usuall one is that... they will lay low untill in danger... and then they will show their teeth
  • Pikachu Thu 14:54
    Pff "as soon as you get called for being a wolf"?? Literally entered and I saw you said my name like 10 times and "deduced" I was a wolf. What dafuq. Of course I'm going to answer and defend myself, I want the willage to win, and it will be harded without me.
  • Zerg Thu 14:55
    Oh yeah... like you are so "special" to this village that it's gonna die without you...
  • Pikachu Thu 14:56
    I think it's going to die BECOUSE of you and your "deduction" skills.
  • Zerg Thu 14:56
    A true villager wouldn't try to survive by overvoating a random person just not to be the person with the mpst votes
  • Pikachu Thu 14:57
    It's not a random person
    It's your voting block as previously mentioned
    And whether you are a wolf or not (convinced you are right now), you are destructive. The least power you have the better I think.
  • Zerg Thu 14:58
    A true villager would respect the village's decision even if he was to be lynched... And I swear, even if you all were to cast your voice on me, I wouldn't try to defend... if the village decided that I should die, then I will die
  • Steve Thu 14:58
    You voted to put Grumpy on trial...
  • Pikachu Thu 14:59
    Besides, if you use logic (REAL logic) it totally makes sense to try to survive by overvoating a random person just not to be the person with the most votes, becouse I KNOW i am not a wolf, and he MIGHT be one. So from my perspective, it is much better I stay alive as I KNOW my status and dont know his
  • Zerg Thu 14:59
    Pikachu, your excuses are lame... you just didn't want to be the one with the most votes, because your mission as a wolf is not fullfilled and you don't want to die
    Yeah right...
  • Pikachu Thu 15:00
    Zerg, go ahead, just keep repeating yourself over and over, I'm sure if you say it a lot it will become true xD
  • Zerg Thu 15:01
    Anyways, I said enough and I need to go... I hope that the rest of the village will make a smart choice by the end of the day
  • Pikachu Thu 15:01
    My hope exactly
  • Zerg Thu 15:02
    The only thing is... if they make a smart choice, you will be dead Pikachu...
  • Steve Thu 15:02
    You voted for Grumpy and that would kill him while all he was doing is trying to help... If you're a villager and just don't want to die then you should have voted for some one else to balance
  • Pikachu Thu 15:02
    If they make a smart choice, they wont even think about voting with you. All you have is empty air backed up by fault logic and a lot of ego :s
    I want to vote for Zerg, but I dont know if i'll have the numbers. And everyone is trying to help, I just dont know who is helping which side.
  • Grumpy Thu 15:17
    Hi guys
  • Steve Thu 15:25
    You are using the ad hominem fallacy to defend, not logic
  • Grumpy Thu 15:27
    I'm catching the story. I hope you guys should keep active
  • Steve Thu 15:33
    I'm listening
  • Grumpy Thu 15:34
    Who are the people who vote on me? I'm sorry (just asking)
    Pikachu, Skywalker?
    who is the one left?
    Since I have no risk to do that. And it will give you guys a person to believe
    and I did a lot of works yesterday to help us (villager team)
    It means what I'm doing is annoying to the wolves. They want our hands to do their job.
    And since I suspected Skywalker yesterday (I always suspect him, but I didn't vote for him)
  • Steve Thu 15:37
    Yeah I confirmed that you were trying to help
  • Grumpy Thu 15:37
    And this morning, he came out and tried to kill me
    In my opinion, I keep my mind. I suspect Skywalker and want all of us to vote for Skywalker guys.
    AND THE BAD NEW IS, Sabretooth is the SEER.
    I checked him last night, that's too bad for us.
  • Steve Thu 15:40
    That sucks....
  • Grumpy Thu 15:40
    Since I had a result, I can pretend that I'm the seer and gain our trust, but I didn't do this.
    I want to give us the information and things to prepare because we will not have the seer in our side.
    BECAUSE he gave shit yesterday, and when I told him I suspected him. He came out from nowhere and asked me Why
    It means he's following the story and tried to finding something to cast doubt on me after this.
    Day 1: Aeris, Zerg, Sabretooth, Grimpy, Pikachu, Gandalf, EpicFetch were active
    Day 2: Zerg, Skywalker, Steve, Pikachu, Grumpy, Aeris, Magneto were active.
    I think Zerg is right.
  • Steve Thu 15:49
    I confirm what Grimpy said is true
  • Grumpy Thu 15:49
    Lol, Bruce came from nowhere and vote for me. (still hasn't spoken anything) That's suspicious too.
    If you guys are villagers, there is no reason for you guys to kill a person who do everything to help us (team villagers)
    just only the wolves want to eliminate the helpful person GUYS
  • Steve Thu 15:52
    So now the suspicions are Skywalker, Pikachu and Bruce
  • Grumpy Thu 15:52
    My suspicions now are Pikachu first, Skywalker and Bruce
    Yes Pikachu first, Zerg is right.
    4 of us are active.
    That's true that one of us are the wolves.
    Stete, did u vote for anyone?
    I think from what I have said, if Skywalker is one the villager team, he will move his vote to Pikachu.
    If not, he's one of the wolves.
    The wolves keep their vote together and support each others.
    I quoted Skywalker: Skywalker Thu 02:15 Fact: Grumpy mentioned the last death earlier: "Gandalf, Sabretooth and EpicFetch haven't given a word yet."
    It's a fake information.
    Why would I mention Sabretooth since he was dead at the first day.
    Lol, it's true. Sorry guys :)) Why could I put Sabretooth on this, so bad (since he is already dead) :)))
    Steve, where are you?
  • Steve Thu 16:02
    I'm here. You could put Epicfetch on trial o.O
  • Grumpy Thu 16:04
    Oh, I tried to check EpicFetch
    but hit back Day 2, I saw the option "check"
    I hit it, turn out the system receive my command by "vote" lol
    I think Skywalker is not an idiot.
    He helped nothing yesterday. And today, he wants to kill one of the most helpful person (me) in the villager team
    He gave out a lot of information to persuade.
  • Steve Thu 16:09
    Just a system mistake.
    I suggest the huntsman protect Grumpy
    Wait Grumpy
    You have 3 votes
    What's wrong with the villagers?
  • Grumpy Thu 16:12
    3 votes are : Pikachu, Skywalker and Bruce
    Bruce hasn't said anything and just voted for me.
    so funny.
    So if he give me some good explanations, I will remove him out of my suspicious list
    Aeris can protect me today, that's fine.
    I can check EpicFetch tomorrow. That's enough for you guys to believe me.
    If votes are still on me, they are ABSOLUTELY not on our side (villager side)
  • Pikachu Thu 16:29
    Why on earth am I still the primary target on everyone's agenda
  • Steve Thu 16:31
    So defend yourself by LOGIC
  • Pikachu Thu 16:31
    Logically this game will end, and when it does you'll see how wrong you were :D
    But at this point, fine. If you want me dead, kill me. Tell me why I should trust Grumpy and you and not think you two are the wolves and I'll change my vote and die.
    If your play that both of you are Gravediggers??
  • Steve Thu 16:33
    By logic, I think what he said is true
  • Pikachu Thu 16:33
    So when you say I confirm, you arent actually confirming anything?
    Just following the reasoning?
  • Steve Thu 16:35
    I'm not very good at literature
    But logic is a totally different field
  • Grumpy Thu 16:37
    I confirmed Sabretooh's role
    And pikachu may right, if he is not the wolf, it must be Aeris.
  • Steve Thu 16:38
    Shit now I can trust no one
  • Pikachu Thu 16:39
    THANK you. Finally someone acknowledges that it's a toss uo
    Just for that I want to alive
  • Grumpy Thu 16:40
    but U haven't given anything yet to make us believe that you are not one of the wolves
    I'm truly believed that Skywalker is one of the wolves lol
  • Pikachu Thu 16:40
    There you go
  • Grumpy Thu 16:41
    And Bruce, please start talking if you are active
  • Pikachu Thu 16:43
    A 3 way tie, the plot thickens! xD
  • Magneto Thu 16:44
    Is there any villager role?
  • Steve Thu 16:44
    Hey Grumpy
    I just checked my mail
  • Pikachu Thu 16:45
    Yes, there are like 3 villagers
  • Steve Thu 16:45
    It's written that there are 3 Gravediggers
  • Grumpy Thu 16:46
    yes, we have 3 grave diggers
  • Steve Thu 16:46
    1 lycan
  • Grumpy Thu 16:47
  • Steve Thu 16:47
    Ok please tell me all roles we have here
  • Grumpy Thu 16:47
    it doesn't matter now because the seer was dead.
  • Steve Thu 16:47
    It seems that my logic is wrong some where
    1 seer?
    1 huntsman?
    How many villagers?
  • Grumpy Thu 16:49
    4 (including lycan)
    lycan is on our side
    Magneto, follow the story please and tell me what u think
  • Steve Thu 16:53
    Shit now I have to check my logic again
  • Pikachu Thu 16:53
    "logic" coff coff :P
  • Grumpy Thu 16:53
    pls and tell me what your logic is
  • Steve Thu 16:53
    I thought there were 2 villagers
    How many wolves?
  • Pikachu Thu 16:54
    There are 14 players in total. On the side of the werewolves are 2 Werewolves 1 Bloodhound On the side of the village there are 1 Lycan 1 Seer 1 Protector 1 Huntsman 3 Gravediggers Good luck!
  • Grumpy Thu 16:54
    5 villagers sorry (including 1 lycan)
  • Pikachu Thu 16:54
    I only see 13 people on the board though
  • Steve Thu 16:55
    Me too o.O
  • Grumpy Thu 16:55
    me too
  • Pikachu Thu 16:55
    I asumed someone had left
  • Grumpy Thu 16:55
  • Steve Thu 16:55
    Systematic logic?
    *systematic mistake
  • Grumpy Thu 17:19
    If we lynch someone today, I can confirm their role tomorrow. And there are 2 left to confirm the information.
    so don't worry about my role :)
  • Zerg Thu 17:24
    Wow... did a lot of catching up...
  • Grumpy Thu 17:25
    a lot of inactive players.
    that's suck
    Nazgul and Deadpool are inactive
  • Zerg Thu 17:26
    Okay, the thing is, I still don't teust Pikachu... either him or Aeris are wolves... I am sorry if I am offending with this, but it has to be one of you two... and Aeris claimed to be a protector... it could be a lie, but for now, I don't know
  • Grumpy Thu 17:26
    No-one has come out and claimed this role.
    It's risky because there is only one protector
  • Zerg Thu 17:28
    Also, Skywalker is very arrogant... I know he is not responsible for the death of Sabretooth, but he joined after that and could also be a wolf.... but for now, I am only focused on the 4 players thet are here frpm the very start.. well 3 cos I am good :) So, Grumpy, Aeris and Pikachu... since my feelings were correct about Grumpy being a gravedigger, then it's either Pikachu or Aeris
    True... and that whole "clueless newbie" thing was very suspicious
    And I might have blamed Pikachu wirh false reasons... maybe he is right to be so pissed off and defensive a
    Maybe it was Aeris all along
  • Aeris Thu 17:33
    still getting blamed, I'm seriously just a noob. I'm just gonna be defensive here
    grumpy made a good plan but then tried to ruin it by asking who i protected the night before therefor showing who i would have to protect as part of the plan
    do we have any idea of who the dead were/
  • Grumpy Thu 17:36
    lol, I said I'm GRAVE DIGGER
  • Zerg Thu 17:36
    Now we do... he asked you that for a reason...
  • Grumpy Thu 17:36
    I asked you because I wanted to confirm "are you really the protector"
  • Zerg Thu 17:37
    A true protector wouldn't be afraid to say who they protected last night
  • Grumpy Thu 17:37
    If you are the protector, you will have a person to protect and give me the reason
    but you didn't
    and what the fuck is Bruce doing right now?
  • Aeris Thu 17:38
    fine, i protected myself the first night...therefor giving myself a death sentence now
  • Zerg Thu 17:38
    There it is... Pikachu, I am sorry for blaming you when it was Aeris all along...
  • Aeris Thu 17:38
    sorry grumpy didn't see that you were a gravedigger, i skim read the caht
  • Grumpy Thu 17:39
    Zerg, I don't think Aeris would risk to claim the protector role in Day 2
    There is only 1 posibility
  • Aeris Thu 17:39
    im a noob...kill me and then laugh your head off when you find out that you killed the only person who could protect you apart from the huntsman
  • Grumpy Thu 17:39
    I AM not I WERE
  • Zerg Thu 17:40
    Damn it... so confusing... okay... if we do asume that he is a new player and a protector... then Aeris, please... vote for Pikachu and you might even survive tonight
  • Aeris Thu 17:41
    fine, but has pikachu been given a specific role of what he him a reason to be protected
  • Pikachu Thu 17:41
    Hahaha god, you flipflop so much xD
  • Zerg Thu 17:42
    Aeris, did you read my main theory? That there are 4 people who are here from the very start? And that one of them has to be a wolf?
  • Pikachu Thu 17:42
    No, I'm nothing. If you really are the protector dont bother with me
  • Aeris Thu 17:43
    ok, i need to protect someone who has a reason to be protected otherwise I will probably just protect myself
  • Zerg Thu 17:43
    Aeris, look, those 4 people are you, me, Grumpy and Pikachu... since you are a protector, Grumpy os a gravedigger, I did everything I could to help us guys, just trust me on this and vote for Pikachu, it has to be him
  • Aeris Thu 17:43
    sorry pikachu i have to go on zergs theory
    if you give us a reason your not a werewolf i'll change me vote :)
  • Grumpy Thu 17:44
    I will find out Pikachu role tomorrow.
  • Aeris Thu 17:44
    tbh though zerg you haven't given us a role, are you claiming you are a villager?
  • Pikachu Thu 17:44
    Are you for real?
  • Aeris Thu 17:45
    i'll take my role off is there any way to prove or...i guess help?
  • Grumpy Thu 17:45
    Let me summarise. 3 wolves, 1 seer (DEAD), 1 protector (Aeris), 3 grave digger (Grumpy), 4 villagers (I assume EpicFetch is one of 4 vilalgers)
    1 huntsman
  • Pikachu Thu 17:46
    But you dont know Aeris is the protector
    You dont know Zerg is telling the truth
    You dont know if Gandalf killed on the first day and then had to afk
  • Grumpy Thu 17:46
    If I die today, the villager will attack Aeris for sure tomorrow.
  • Aeris Thu 17:47
    was sabre tooth the seer?
  • Pikachu Thu 17:47
    Yes he was
  • Zerg Thu 17:47
    Sadly, I do not own a special role... yes, I am a villager... that is why I am doing my best to figure things out and I am loojing for even the tiniest holes in someones story or behavior
  • Aeris Thu 17:47
    this is why its hard online, are we sure that one of the first four is a wolf
  • Pikachu Thu 17:48
    The one with the biggest holes in their behaviour is you flipping the blame on a wim
  • Aeris Thu 17:48
    I'm making the votes even because I'm not sure
    is gandalf active?
  • Grumpy Thu 17:49
    So that I can know who tell lie because there are only 4 villagers
    Please come out all
  • Aeris Thu 17:50
    cuz if not we might as well kill him and we may be getting rid of a werewolf and if not we're not getting rid of an inactive player
  • Grumpy Thu 17:50
    Since Sabretooth was dead (the seer)
  • Aeris Thu 17:50
    i mean active
  • Pikachu Thu 17:50
    Gandalf was only active on day 1
    I am a villager. And there should be 3 becouse we are only 13, not 14
  • Aeris Thu 17:51
    zerg is another
  • Grumpy Thu 17:51
    I assume EpicFetch was the villagers
    Zerg claimed himself as one of the villagers.
    So we have 1 left.
  • Aeris Thu 17:51
    that leaves one inactive player?
  • Grumpy Thu 17:51
    Skywalker and Steve
    they haven't claimed anything yet.
    we need to hear from them.
  • Aeris Thu 17:53
    i believe that steve is the only player left that has a chance of not being innocent
    there will be more but if he doesn't come out then i choose him, i still need to choose someone to protect is there a character that is more important to protect than myself?
  • Zerg Thu 17:55
    There was... a seer... but he is dead... anyways... do not get Gandalf involved in this Pikachu... it has to be one of the 4players mentioned...
  • Grumpy Thu 17:55
    I don't think Steve is one of the wolf
  • Pikachu Thu 17:55
    No it doesnt, you just WANT it to be xD
    Steve is a Gravedigger I think, he jumped the Grumpy train super fast when you gave the info
    If no a wolf, that is
  • Aeris Thu 17:57
    is there more than one gravedigger?
  • Grumpy Thu 17:57
  • Aeris Thu 17:57
    well that complicates my theory
    how long can we go on without lynching before it gets too much
  • Grumpy Thu 17:58
    we must to do the lynching things
  • Zerg Thu 17:58
    Pikachu... The only for players that were here from start are us... so it DOES have to be one of us... and that is you
  • Grumpy Thu 17:58
    The seer was dead.
  • Pikachu Thu 17:59
    Day 2 Moderator The sun rises, the village is safe from the werewolves for now. Discuss who you think is a wolf, soon you will get a chance to lynch them Aeris Active during the last day Zerg Active during the last day Sabretooth Active during the last day Grumpy Active during the last day Pikachu Active during the last day Gandalf Active during the last day EpicFetch Active during the last day
    Stop making shit up
    But anyways, I agree its far fetched
    That he killed someone and then afked
  • Aeris Thu 18:00
    sorry zerg i really don't know
  • Pikachu Thu 18:01
    But seriously, Zerg stop making shit up so it fits your idea of whats happening, it makes you look INCREDIBLY suspicious
    You know, this game should have a GMT clock so we know how long we have till the night
  • Aeris Thu 18:02
    i'm in gmt and it says that the game will start at 9 but it starts at 10 for me is anyone else having the same problem?
  • Grumpy Thu 18:03
    the day starts at 9 a.m. here while it's 2a.m. in my place
    of course it's easy to know
    we have different time zone.
  • Pikachu Thu 18:05
    Cant we lynch one of the semi actives to check their role?
  • Aeris Thu 18:05
    that's what i was thinking
  • Zerg Thu 18:06
    I am not making things up... don't look just at the first day... look at the whole thing and you will see that there is a pattern, only 4 people are always there no matter what
  • Pikachu Thu 18:07
    So what? That doesnt mean one of those 4 has to be the killer. And if anything, I still think you are the most likely.
    I think you've accused almost everyone at this point, and then change becouse reasons
  • Grumpy Thu 18:08
    yes we can lynch someone inactive or semi active. However I think I can survive one more night for you guys.
    Since Aeris cannot protect me 2 consecutive days
    but I think Steve is also the grave digger.
    he can tell you guys tomorrow.
  • Pikachu Thu 18:10
    There are more important targets, maybe they dont kill you
  • Grumpy Thu 18:12
    I think so :) only thing I can do is confirm person's role we lynch
  • Zerg Thu 18:13
    It does mean that one of us has to be a wolf Pikachu... or you want to say that Sabretooth and EpicFetch died just like that...
  • Pikachu Thu 18:14
    There are 2 wolves. Think of the posibilities.
  • Zerg Thu 18:15
    And I didn't "accuse everyone" like you said... I was guessing during the day two... but today, I stated that you are a wolf right from the start... and I said exactly why I think it is you... so you are reading my lines very wrong... well you are reading them the way you want to read them... you only take serious what you want to take serious
    Aye, there might be 2, but for now, that second wolf is somewhere else... but among the 4 of us, there is only one wolf, and that is you
  • Pikachu Thu 18:18
    I think I've overestimated you. The only reason I assume you are not the wolf and I didnt want you dead, was becouse you'd be very stupid to persue evryone to kill me, since the gravediggers would know I was a villager and then everyone would immediatly think of you as the obvious wolf.
    But maybe you really are that clueless
  • Aeris Thu 18:19
    i think lynch on the inactive
  • Zerg Thu 18:19
    No, I am not clueless... I know very good that when you die Gravedigger will check you... only confirming that you are a wolf...
  • Pikachu Thu 18:20
    I think lynch Gandalf and see what his role is. If he is not a wolf we lynch Zerg tomorrow for obvious reasons
  • Zerg Thu 18:20
    And as I said before... if you know that you're innocent, then you shouldn't care if the village casts you out... gravedigger will reveal that you were a villager and everything will be fine... but since you are so worried, I say that you are a wolf
    And what are those obvious reasons? Your reasons?
  • Pikachu Thu 18:21
    Okay, so Zerg doesnt care if he dies becouse he wants tto help the village. Lets kill him today and see what his role is :D
    The village thanks you Zerg :)
    See you on another life
  • Aeris Thu 18:22
    i agreed with pikachu
  • Zerg Thu 18:22
    Sure, go ahead :P As I said, I do not mind at all... go ahead and kill me if you'd like but good luck with catching the wolf then :D
    and yeah, I will expect an appology from you once the Gravedigger confirms that I was a villager
  • Pikachu Thu 18:23
    Whatever your role is, you are digging your own grave. You will see no apology form me xD
    Grumpy, thoghts on the best course of action?
  • Zerg Thu 18:25
    As I said, I don't care if I die... if that's gonna prove mi innocence... therefore, I am not digging my own grave... that's something that only you think is happening... and only a wolf wouldn't appologize for killing a villager... the other members of the village would appologize if they lynched a villager mistaking him for a wolf...
    Good job there Pikachu the Wolf
  • Aeris Thu 18:27
    this is just a full blown argument i think for now we both assume innocence of the active players and lynch for real later
  • Grumpy Thu 18:27
    Since the seer was dead, we cannot 100% sure that who is the wolf
    Just lynch the most suspicious and let the grave digger confirm after
    there are 3 grave digger, so we will be fine.
    I hope huntsman is here, he can drag one wolf with him :)
    I think I will be protected this night :) either aeris or huntsman
    and I can give u guys the information tomorrow.
    so that we can deduct things :) But first, we need something from Bruce, magneto
    Bruce acted in the dark by voting for me and hasn't said anything yet.
    Magneto was active day 1, inactive day 2 and active Day 3
    No sorry, Magneto was in active Day 1, and active Day 2 and 3
    inactive Day 1, active Day 2 and 3 (shit, a lot of mistakes)
  • Pikachu Thu 18:32
    So do we want to keep the lurkers?
  • Grumpy Thu 18:33
    give them 1 day to show up and explain, or we lynch them tomorrow.
  • Zerg Thu 18:34
    Bruce was just like "Well hey guys, I just logged in, I have no time for this shit, I just read something said by Skywalker, I have no idea what it was exactly, but fuck it, here you go!"
    *votes for Grumpy*
    that's what he did...
    and even Pikachu has to agree with that, even if he hates me, he is not blind to see that that's what happened with Bruce
  • Grumpy Thu 18:35
    Well, there are 3 consecutive victories for the villagers (ext 21-ext23)
    in ext 24, we lost the seer :)
  • Pikachu Thu 18:36
    Not necesarily, he could be the second wolf and just vote with the main wolf.
  • Grumpy Thu 18:36
    So you guys may want to tell that it's a sign or something. But you guys should think clearly and make a good decision if you guys want us to win :)
  • Zerg Thu 18:36
    Then we are in a big disadvantage since the wolves have that bloody hound
  • Pikachu Thu 18:36
    You reach conclusions with no basis in reality xd
  • Zerg Thu 18:37
    Well, that is what I said O.o that he didn't care who got the vote, he just voted... he didn't care about what goes on during the day face... he was just like "Fuck you guys, have my vote and see you tonight"
  • Grumpy Thu 18:38
    Bruce was not active Day 1 and 2, only Day 3
    So I put him at last in the list :) let him a chance to explain
  • Zerg Thu 18:38
    I don't know if Bruce is good or bad, but his lack of interest and activity is annoying
  • Aeris Thu 18:38
    i have to go now but will keep my vote on gandalf...
  • Grumpy Thu 18:39
    okay aeris
  • Zerg Thu 18:39
    Aeris, just be sure to check back later, maybe some things change
  • Grumpy Thu 18:44
    I will be back :)
  • Zerg Thu 18:51
    See you later, I also have to go... gotta take a shower
  • Bruce Thu 19:00
    sory i believe skkkywalker, if grumpy is gravedigger to than i will change vot to zerg
  • Grumpy Thu 19:01
    can u tell me why?
  • Bruce Thu 19:01
    i thought he make better arguement
  • Grumpy Thu 19:01
    Since you are inactive Day 1 and 2, you are out of the suspicious list
    so that we have 1 more person to believe
  • Bruce Thu 19:02
    sry i forget
  • Grumpy Thu 19:02
    Can u tell me why you believe Skywalker and suspect Zerg?
    I want to hear that and determine my decision
  • Bruce Thu 19:03
    earlier when i read i think it make more sense to me
    zerg start swearing lots and seem desparete
  • Grumpy Thu 19:03
    Did u read everything in Day 2?
  • Bruce Thu 19:03
    no chat does not show for me for that now
  • Grumpy Thu 19:04
    hit the button Day 2
    then u can
  • Bruce Thu 19:04
    only vots
    where button?
    oh i am stupid
  • Grumpy Thu 19:04
    above where you type and send your message
  • Bruce Thu 19:04
    so sorry
    found it
  • Grumpy Thu 19:04
    u must be kidding me @[email protected]
  • Zerg Thu 19:37
    Huuh :D I see blind people :D
  • Skywalker Thu 19:40
    I only see people who are right in the feelings
  • Zerg Thu 19:43
    Hahaha! Right my ass... It is just you who think that I am guilty and you did a good job of twisting my words to fit your accusations for me... and the others just blindly followed you without reading the whole vhat log...
    That is a tricky thing about quoting someone... because if you pick the right quote and pull it out of the context, you can make everyone look guilty...
    But if you read all the things someone said then those quotes woild seam pointless
  • Skywalker Thu 19:48
    You are right. Quotes are nothing without context, that's why I also gave the context in which these things were said and I even encourage people to read the full chat around Wed 20:37 because that is a very good part WITH CONTEXT in which you seem like a wolf
    People can read around the quotes themselfs, I gave the specific times in which they were said.
    They can find the context themselves that way
    If someone doesn't believe me, they can read it by just going to a specific time
  • Grumpy Thu 20:05
    That's fucked Skywalker.
    After you failed to lynch me because I'm grave digger
    you move your target to Zerg with the same reason: Zerg and I (Grumpy) are on the same team
    Even I'm not the wolf.
    You always said "they" "they" (it means Zerg and I)
    It's totally wrong and you have done shit so far to help us (the villagers)
    There is no reason for me to believe you are one of us (the villagers) Skywalker
    Last game, Deadpool and Doom were too aggressive and many people said that Deadpool was the wolf (turn out after, he was the villager)
  • Skywalker Thu 20:13
    That is because I am suspecting you, of course you say you don't have any reason.
  • Grumpy Thu 20:13
    Lol after I confirm Sabretooth's role, you are still suspecting me :))
    or because I told I suspected you yesterday.
  • Skywalker Thu 20:15
    I suspect you because you act suspicious, the only reason I need
  • Grumpy Thu 20:16
    what make me suspicious ? I helped other villagers all the time here.
  • Skywalker Thu 20:16
    And because you form an alliance with the Zerg, who is definitely a wolf
  • Grumpy Thu 20:16
    I gave solutions
    and about you, you didn't
    You just gave shit
  • Skywalker Thu 20:16
    I gave my reasoning, even so that people can check it out themselves
  • Grumpy Thu 20:16
    I'm the pain in ur eyes because I'm revealing things that you don't want to reveal
  • Skywalker Thu 20:17
  • Grumpy Thu 20:17
    are you still suspecting me now?
  • Skywalker Thu 20:18
    Yeah, are you suspecting me?
  • Grumpy Thu 20:18
    yes or no ?
    I don't get ur answer
  • Skywalker Thu 20:18
    It is clear I suspect you, are you suspecting me?
  • Grumpy Thu 20:19
    noone suspects me but you
  • Skywalker Thu 20:19
    I have been suspecting you from this morning on
  • Grumpy Thu 20:19
    after I confirmed Sabretooth's role and told I AM THE GRAVE DIGGER
  • Skywalker Thu 20:20
    Is there someone else who can confirm Sabretooth's role?
  • Grumpy Thu 20:20
    I'm not stupid who came out and claimed that if I don't know
    It would be very risky for me if I'm wrong
    If I was wrong, I would be killed.
    And steve didn't tell his role, but from the chat, people can think he is the other grave digger
    GUYS (THE VILLAGER TEAM) IF YOU GUYS BELIEVE ME ON THE SIDE OF YOURS, VOTE FOR Skywalker because what he just did above.
  • Skywalker Thu 20:25
    My list of Wolves and Bloodhound: 1. Zerg, 2. Grumpy 3. Steve (who is also on the wolves side since day 1)
  • Grumpy Thu 20:29
    haha you are making a wrong move man
  • Skywalker Thu 20:30
    No I'm not ;)
    This is exactly the right move
  • Grumpy Thu 20:31
    right move for the wolves :))
  • Skywalker Thu 20:32
    Right move to KILL the wolves
  • Grumpy Thu 20:33
    If you are the wolf, you are stupid because keep me in your list
    since no-one suspects me anymore but you
    If you are the villager, you are an idiot because the same reason above
    I said enough for today, let the others find out and make their own decisions
  • Skywalker Thu 20:35
    I've been called stupid and an idiot by both Zerg and Grumpy several times, is this because I am on them?
  • Grumpy Thu 20:36
    (keep it only in this game, maybe other game, you will be our savior, but this game, sorry Skywalker, no offense)
  • Zerg Thu 21:01
    And I am going to say it again Skywalker... you are one blind and stupid idiot... for fuck sake... I did party up with Grumpy for a good reason! Because both of us made good theories right from the start... we were following the killing patterns and the active people and what they say.... we were the ones to actually get to somewhere... but when we got to close to the wolves (Pikachu and you) you started kicking and screaming your asses out
  • Skywalker Thu 21:03
    I have never screamed my ass out ;)
  • Zerg Thu 21:03
    To the rest of the village... if you are here, vote! Either for Pikachu or Skywalker, but vote for them!... if you don't... well that's your call, but in that case you are also blind idiots who let themselves be led by the same wolves that are going to kill you during the night
  • Skywalker Thu 21:04
    I say it now and I will repeat it before nightfall: If I die this night, y'all know who the wolves are.
  • Zerg Thu 21:04
    You were'nt screaming.... that is true... it was just a figurative speach... but you are sure a lot more talkative when you felt in danger of being uncovered....
    Yeah right... you won't die this night because you are a wolf... and congratulations... you manadged to turn the village against an innocent... making your job easier....
    though it wasn't that difficult... your fellow wolf Pikachu helped you out
  • Skywalker Thu 21:07
    I began talking before you were accusing me, you can read it around Thu 11:36.
  • Zerg Thu 21:07
    And Bruce... thanks for killing me... it seams that you are also blind
    yes... you did... a bit...
  • Skywalker Thu 21:08
    a drowning man will grab at a straw
  • Zerg Thu 21:08
    and right when you saw I accused a REAL wolf this morning, you started talking like crazy to defend him... because you are a wolf just like him
  • Skywalker Thu 21:08
    Please tell me when I did
  • Zerg Thu 21:09
    Loool :D Well aren't you fucking retarded? :D What makes you think I am a drowning man... I said that I don't care if I die... it is all the same to me... if the village is so blind and will not listen to reason, then I don't want to be a part of it
  • Skywalker Thu 21:10
    fine, a drowning wolf then
  • Zerg Thu 21:11
    That gigantic piece of shit comment you wrote on Thu 12:23
    From that point on you started defending Pikachu to the extend of licking his ass...
  • Skywalker Thu 21:14
    Hahaha, I have not mentioned him from that point
  • Zerg Thu 21:14
    And you are wrong again.... neither a drowning man nor a drowning wolf.... just a proud villager who kept his honor in defending the village... which will be confirmed by a gravedigger tomorrow
    Yes, you did
    Not directly... because you didn't want to draw attention to yourself, but everything you said from that point on was in his defense
  • Skywalker Thu 21:16
    How can I defend someone if I am not even talking about him?
    I just pointed out, and I will over and over again, you and Grumpy are very nice wolves
  • Zerg Thu 21:20
    I just have to point out the same thing Grumpy did... only an idiot of a wolf would try to look innocent by trying to make the village suspect a gravedigger...
    There are 3 of them in this game, and I know for sure that Grumpy is a gravedigger... only a stupid wolf would try to claim a role fo a gravedigger if there are 3 of them here... that would be like asking to get killed... because the other gravediggers would step up and cast him down
  • Skywalker Thu 21:23
    I haven't heard from the other gravediggers yet, untill then I still have a suspect
  • Zerg Thu 21:24
    Yup... you are retarded... instead of using the information recieve from a person who claims to be an important role, and is being helpfull from the very start, you suspect that person? Fuck your logic
  • Skywalker Thu 21:27
    "being helpful from the very start" or (mis)directing the conversation away from the wolves from the very start. You must also see that this was his fault from the beginning
  • Zerg Thu 21:34
    Okay, first of all I have to ask you to stop being an idiot... a wolf would never do what Grumpy or I did... because later in the game they would be busted for having a hole in their theory... So, what the two of us did was trying to help this village see things that we noticed... we were sharing helpful information with the others hoping that they will check it themselves and see the point
    but what a wolf WOULD do... and is doing RIGHT NOW... is trying to make those same people look guilty... because he would feel indangered because those people got to close to the answer...
    and that is what you are doing whole day today...
  • Skywalker Thu 21:45
    I have been suspecting you >before< you were accusing me. Only after I made a very convincing monologue presenting the evidence of you (and Grumpy) being a wolf, you start accusing me and now you tell me I am suspecting you, because you are close to an answer? Again, I have been suspecting you >before< you were accusing me, before your supposed answer. But I'd like to hear what you really were tomorrow, from a gravedigger other than Grumpy.
    And there you have it, wolf saving a wolf
  • Zerg Thu 21:47
    Nope... just a gravedigger who saw no other thing to do then to save a villager who knows how to use his brain
    And if I die during the night, everything will be clear
    or if Grumpy dies
  • Skywalker Thu 21:49
    I hope both of you don't die tonight. I wish you all the luck
    And if one of you dies, it was probably worth the sacrifice
  • Zerg Thu 21:50
    Well... as a wolf, you have a power not to kill us :P Then it's just gonna be easier for you to pull off your trick
    worth the sacrifice? again... a wolf speaking
  • Pikachu Thu 21:51
    Hahaha dafuq is happening
  • Skywalker Thu 21:51
    Killing yourself would make both of you look less suspicious
    What is happening is wolves are winning :(
  • Pikachu Thu 21:52
    Zerg, really, it amazes me how much you are willing to tunnel vision through a situation and are trying to try me to everthing xD
    I am confounded with your lack of sight
  • Skywalker Thu 21:53
    Again, If I die tonight, I have been too close to the wolves
  • Pikachu Thu 21:54
    Grumpy we have to kill someone tonight, we cant just never vote for people. Can you really look at what's happening and tell me that Zerg is playing a good game?
  • Zerg Thu 21:54
    you aint :P Because a wolf can't kill one of their own...
  • Pikachu Thu 21:55
    He is only pushing us back. If he dies, and he isnt a wolf, then fine, he was just stupid. But i think its worth to find out
  • Skywalker Thu 21:55
    I think so too, but Grumpy won't vote for Zerg because they are on the same side
  • Zerg Thu 21:56
    I am not the one who is pushing us back... I am trying to push everyone forward... because I know how the game works and I know how wolves behave
  • Pikachu Thu 21:56
    I dont think they are, I think Grumpy is telling the truth. Grumpy, please.
  • Grumpy Thu 21:56
    oh Pikachu
    I just balance the vote
    I don't mean to vote for you
  • Pikachu Thu 21:57
    I know, but we need to lynch someone before its too late
  • Grumpy Thu 21:57
    I think it should be Skywalker
  • Skywalker Thu 21:57
    Don't balance the votes, someone has to die
  • Grumpy Thu 21:57
    pls change your vote to skywalker
  • Pikachu Thu 21:57
    Zerg vote for skyler NOW
  • Grumpy Thu 21:57
    He suspects me
    but I'm gravedigger Lol
    He's still suspecting me
    Pikachu, change your vote
  • Pikachu Thu 21:58
    If he isnt a wolk we kill zerg tomorrow, deal?
  • Grumpy Thu 21:58
  • Skywalker Thu 21:58
    Don;t do this!
  • Grumpy Thu 21:58
    I need 1 protection today
    So I can give u guys 1 more information
    If huntsman or protector read this, just give me 1 more night
  • Zerg Thu 21:59
    Thank you for opening your eyes Pikachu! you will not be disapointed
  • Skywalker Thu 21:59
    I won't protect anyone tonight
    Not if you kill me
  • Grumpy Thu 21:59
  • Pikachu Thu 21:59
  • Grumpy Thu 21:59
    what are you lol
  • Skywalker Thu 21:59
  • Zerg Thu 21:59
    A wolf, trying to make a last minute defense...
  • Grumpy Thu 21:59
    it's too late man
  • Skywalker Thu 22:00
    You will see
  • Night 3
  • Moderator
    Night falls. As the village sleeps the werewolves begin to stir and decide who to eat tonight...
  • Death
    Skywalker was lynched by the village.
    Nazgul was killed during the night.
  • Day 4
  • Moderator
    The sun rises, the village is safe from the werewolves for now. Discuss who you think is a wolf, soon you will get a chance to lynch them
  • Zerg Fri 11:21
    Yup.. that was so called hunter... if he was a hunter he would've taken me along with him...
  • Aeris Fri 11:22
    so skywalker was in fact a werewolf
    magneto is now on, has he come out as anything yet?
    nazgul was also killed, do we have an idea of what he was as well?
  • Zerg Fri 11:52
    Well, since the wolves killed him, we only know that he was good... when Grumpy shows up ee will know who was EpicFetch
  • Steve Fri 11:54
    Bad news guys... Skywalker is a wolf...
    *is not
  • Zerg Fri 11:55
    But also, Aeris and Pikachu, please don't blame me for still suspecting you guys a bit... I just know that one of you is most likely to be a wolf...
    How do you know that Steve?
  • Steve Fri 11:55
    What I mean: He might be annoying as fuck
    But he is 90% not the wolf
    Zerg, if I reveal how, the wolves are gonna kill me
  • Zerg Fri 11:58
    Well, you can't be a seer because the seer is dead, and only the seer would know what skywalker wad
    So I am not sire what you mean
  • Aeris Fri 11:58
    i don't think he was a wolf but we can't know for sure, and i don't mind still being a suspect because it's true I haven't given sufficient evidence to say I am a protector
  • Steve Fri 11:59
    Ok I reveal
    I'm the gravedigger
  • Aeris Fri 12:00
    thank you steve :)
  • Zerg Fri 12:01
    Okay, but how did you check Skywalker when yesterday, after the night fell, he was still listed among the living players O.o
  • Aeris Fri 12:01
    do you know what epicfetch was then?
  • Zerg Fri 12:01
    Even though we all voted for him
    Or was that just a bug that happened to my game window O.o
  • Aeris Fri 12:06
    if there are three werewolves left couldn't it be dead pool, gandalf and magneto as none of them have said anything yet?
    magneto was active therefor able to kill someone
  • Steve Fri 12:07
    I just checked, not yesterday
    He's dead....
    Well all my theories are confusing to me now
    I can't listen to anyone else.
    Hey can I unvote?
  • Zerg Fri 12:10
    Well, there could be a posibility that we've had 2 different wolves... the first day (or night) It was one of them... then he wen't offline, and the second day (night) it was a different one, but this time he stayed for the third night
  • Steve Fri 12:11
    That seems logical
    So I suspect the ones who stayed for the second day and third day
    Including me ._.
  • Aeris Fri 12:12
    i think your safe for now steve
  • Steve Fri 12:14
    Last game, I was a villager and I consider I was safe too because the wolves won't kill an unharmful villager ._. And I died the second night
    Aeris, please protect me tonight and we'll see what role Epicfetch holded
    And sorry for my bad English....
  • Zerg Fri 12:27
    Last game, I was Deadpool and Villager just like now but the village killed mr
    And the point is, I have a bit of an explosive personality when I am a villager, but I do my best to help guys...
  • Steve Fri 12:30
    O.o so you're Deadpool in ext-23? Well fuck you sacrifice for a wolf
    Yeah but not as annoying as Doom last game
  • Zerg Fri 12:34
    Yes, I do appologize for trusting tony... it seams all of us can make a mistake sometimes
  • Steve Fri 12:37
    Yeah... and I diead way too soon to tell you guys my theory, which turned out to be right
    Well back to ext-024, according to Zerg's logic, the suspicions are Magneto, Bruce and me... ._.
  • Zerg Fri 12:43
    Well, in my opinion, you are not that suspicious... but Bruce is on the other hand... because he said very little to help with anything and just voted almost randomly
  • Steve Fri 12:45
    And Magneto?
    He logged in,asked about the villagers and stayed silent
    Well I'll keep the 2 of them on my suspicion list
    But who do we lynch today?
  • Zerg Fri 12:57
    Did he? O.o I didn't even notice that... oh man... I need to read everything again now
    Wait... Steve? Can you tell us all your checks, I want to compare them to what Grumpy says and see if they match
    If it's not too much to ask of you? :)
  • Steve Fri 13:02
    I can't tell the right order
    But Sabretooth is the seer
    Skywalker didn't lie (fuck)
  • Zerg Fri 13:04
    Okay... there are two theories... the first one is still the one I made yesterday... that one of the four persons that are here from day one has to be a wolf... those persons are Pikachu, Aeris, Grumpy and me... The other theory is that we're dealing with more wolves, but the one from the first day went offline... which is not that likely, because I know that wolves always have fun playing the game since they have an advantage
    Also, you can't unvote, you can only switch your vote
    Just read thar part when you asked that
  • Steve Fri 13:06
    So which theory is more logical?
    Hey... I think of the third theory
  • Zerg Fri 13:07
    So yeah, I still want to push my first theory untill the end... I am sorry guys (Pikachu and Aeris) but I have to assume that one of you is a wolf... though I am not gonna be as explosive as yesterday
    Hit me! :) What's the theory?
    Well, think about it yourself Steve? Ehich one has more logic to it? The active players pattern or the one with multiple wolves?
  • Steve Fri 13:09
    2 (or 3?) wolves alternatively active, the wolf from day 1 and day 2 (or day 3) killed and inact,
    The others killed the other day?
    Nah I'm not very good at logic
  • Zerg Fri 13:10
    Well, that's the same as my second theory
    It could be right... I mean, it would be a good plan for them to operate that way since they'd lead us off track, but I don't know...
  • Steve Fri 13:12
    So what do we do now? I'm procrastinating between the first and the second theory
  • Zerg Fri 13:12
    Jive me a minnute :)
    Give *
    Very confusing...
    The first theory pattern is positive, (the four of us are always here)
    However, it gets more complicated about the second theory
    (The one with multiple wolves)
  • Steve Fri 13:24
    But do they contrast other? I mean the 2 theories
  • Zerg Fri 13:24
    If we follow that theory (the wolves come online one by one taking turns in killing people, then going off) it's a bit odd... (but I don't think that is the case, because they had to arange a plan like that... and to do that, they had to be online all at one at least for one night so that they could comunicate and come up with that plan
  • Steve Fri 13:26
    So if the second theory is right, then it would be the night with the most active players?
  • Zerg Fri 13:27
    If the second theori is right... then the first night's wolf would be Gandalf... because he was there the first day, and after that he wen't off but noone touched him... the second (and maybe the third) night wolf would be either Magneto or Steve... and the third night wolf could be Magneto, Steve or Bruce
    But that is really messed up and I think that that theory is highly unlikely
    Yes, but the point is... it after that night, those 3 wolves would have to logg in and out taking turns... and the pattern for that just doesn't match, so in my opinion, that theory has only 20% to be correct
    Because if you follow every player it would be like this: Pikachu(day 1, 2, 3 posibly 4) :: Aeris(day 1, 2, 3, 4) :: Zerg(day 1,2,3,4) :: Magneto(day 2,3, posibly 4) :: Deadpool (not active) :: Steve(day 2,3,4) :: Bruce(day 3, posibly 4) :: Gandalf(only active during day 1) :: Grumpy(day 1,2,3, posibly 4) :::: Sabretooth(active during day one and died the same night) :: EpicFetch(Active during day 1 only, and dies during the second night) :: Skywalker( day 2,3, gets lynched the third day under suspicion of being a wolf) :: Nazgul (not active, killed during night 3)
    So... I hope I heleped with this... because now you don't have to bother doing this on your own :)
    Anyways... just to say it once more... if we were to follow the 2nd. Theory with that pattern, the wolves COULD be (didn't say they are): night1 (Gandalf), night 2 (Magneto, Steve, Skywalker) night 3 (Magneto, Steve, Bruce)
    But it's just not likely :/
    I have to stick with my theory, and then the wolf candidates would be (Pikachu, Aeris, Zerg and Grumpy)... from the four of us, I have to say that for now I don't suspect Grumpy since he claimed to be a Gravedigger and is bringing some info... Aeris is still just a bit suspicious to me, even though he claimed to be a Protector... but Pikachu is the most suspicious, and I will tell you my reasons
    First of all, yesterday he changed his mind all of a sudden and casted his vote on skywalker with the rest of us... (And I am going to remind you that there was a tie between Pikachu and me with votes)... that does make him suspicious because he voted for a person who he seamed to trust and agree with...
    The second reason is this: I AM STILL ALIVE! If I died during the night, that would definitely expose him as a wolf since for now I am the only one to fully suspect him... that is why I am still alive
    That is why he is killing those that are less important and not active... aye... he could go for Aeris or Grumpy, but now that he knows that Aeris is a protector, he doesn't want to risk trying to kill one of them since he might just end up doing nothing if he choses someone who is protected
    Pikachu... I am very sorry if I end up being wrong, but I still suspect you the most...
    Anyways, I gtg now, I will join you as soon as I can :)
  • Steve Fri 14:03
    So Pikachu is the most suspicious person? I have to read again what he said to come to my final decision ._.
  • Zerg Fri 14:26
    Steve, I said he was the most suspicious in my opinion, if he is not suspicious to you, that is okay :)
    But I won't be as explosive as yesterday and vote agains him right away
    I will cast my vote later today :)
  • Steve Fri 15:00
    Logically, what you said is right
    And Aeris is not on my suspicion list
    The wolves are not likely to know who is the protector, so it's risky for them to claim to be the protector
  • Zerg Fri 15:20
    I am happy that you see my point)
    So, Should we vote against Pikachu now?
  • Grumpy Fri 15:22
    hey steve, who did u check yesterday?
  • Zerg Fri 15:25
    Did you read everything from the start of this day?
  • Grumpy Fri 15:26
  • Zerg Fri 15:26
    Good :)
  • Grumpy Fri 15:27
    you may misunderstand about huntsman Zerg
    why could the huntsman take you go with him if you are the villager?
  • Zerg Fri 15:28
    Oh? And what is that?
    Damn... I just read the information about the Huntsman on the page... in real life we played differently.... other than having the ability to guard someone and if that someone was to die, the Huntsman and one of the wolves die.... he had another ability... if he was to be lynched by a village, he could pick anyone he wanted to take to the grave with him O.o
    That is why I thought that if he really is a huntsman, that he will kill someone out of revenge, and that that someone will be me...
    I appologize for mixing those two versions of Huntsman...
    I will be back in 20-30 minutes, I gotta take a shower :)
    It's fucking hot in my country :D
  • Grumpy Fri 15:35
    I want to here from Steve
    Since we have 2 grave diggers now
    we don't have to worry about the ability of checking role in the graveyard
    Since I'm confirmed that I'm the grave digger. And right, I have 1 information about the dead people last night (I mean EpicFetch or Skywalker)
    But I want to confirm Steve first, because he just gave the information abt Sabretooth,who I've already told out the role to the rest of us
    So who did you check yesterday, Steve?
    I want to hear from Steve :) Show up pls
  • Pikachu Fri 16:26
    I am not Steve but I'm showing up :P
    I'll wait till Steve shows up to start talking, since I want to know if we lynched the right person or not first
  • Grumpy Fri 16:34
    who do u suspect Pikachu?
  • Pikachu Fri 16:35
    You already know I want Zerg gone. The only reason I changed to Skywalker was becouse he also went full retard yesterday, and you really thought he was a wolf.
    I almost change it back when he said he was the Huntsman but that would have been like a betrayal after I convinced you both to vote for him.
    And I want to point out, there was no tie. Zerg was going to die in a 3 2 1 vote yesterday uuntil the last moment :)
  • Zerg Fri 16:37
    I just checked in again, but I am going out with my gf... I will be here around 18 or 18:30GMT
    Nope... you are not right Zerg... in the end it was 3-3 you and I...
    Anyways... I hate you, and you hate me... so I will vote for you... feel free to do the same
  • Pikachu Fri 16:38
    Nope, Grumpy changed it to skyler, so it was 3 2 1
  • Zerg Fri 16:38
    Pikachu * damn... driving and texting is not good
  • Pikachu Fri 16:38
    With you having 3, and sKylar 2 once you changed it from me to him.
  • Zerg Fri 16:39
    But if it wasn't for that, there would be a tie
    Goodbye for now... see you in 2-3 hours...
  • Pikachu Fri 16:39
    See what I say? I should have just let him die yesterday -.-
  • Grumpy Fri 16:40
    I come back later. I want to confirm Steve's role first. And I tell u guys who I checked last night.
    And we got good news.
  • Pikachu Fri 16:40
    But if I ignore the stupidity that is Zerg, I want to see what Steve has to say. If he doesnt say anything, I propose we vote for him
  • Grumpy Fri 16:41
    I think so too
  • Pikachu Fri 16:41
    Exactly, I want to confirm it too. He hasnt given any nw info at all
  • Grumpy Fri 16:46
    for now, I suggest lynch Magneto because he was active Day 2 and 3
    But just said 1 thing
  • Aeris Fri 16:50
    i can protect steve but I have a feeling that I may be under threat tonight
    i'm one of the few with main roles left, excluding grave diggers
  • Pikachu Fri 16:51
    It depends. I would say vote Steve if he cant confirm the deaths, if he turns out to be a gravedigger, I say: vote bruce (if skywalker was a wolf since he didnt say much and joined him in both votes) or Magneto (if skywalker was not a wolf)
  • Aeris Fri 16:53
    we need more info from the grave diggers unless i have missed a piece of info whilst i was gone
  • Pikachu Fri 16:55
    Yes, we are waiting to see if Steve is a gravedigger or was lying. Whatever happens Grumpy will tell us later if he has to, so we just have to wait now
  • Grumpy Fri 16:57
    Who should we lynch aeris?
    I disagree Pikachu. Bruce was only active Day 3. He may be the last on my suspicious list
  • Pikachu Fri 16:59
    Oh, I didnt see that. So just Magneto then I guess
  • Grumpy Fri 16:59
    if we have 2 grave diggers today, you don't have to protect anyone but you Aeris
  • Aeris Fri 17:04
  • Grumpy Fri 17:05
    do u have any idea abt the wolves Aeris?
  • Aeris Fri 17:05
    I suspect that Magneto may be one, but I have no real evidence to back it up just a feeling
  • Grumpy Fri 17:06
    we dont have the real evidence either
    why magneto, Aeris
  • Pikachu Fri 17:07
    Killing Gandalf is also something we should do at some point, to finally know if one of the 4 is 100% a wolf.
  • Aeris Fri 17:08
    i keep on voting gandalf so i can again, and magneto...i don't know he's always on but doesn't speak. I feel like he doesn't want to slip up
  • Grumpy Fri 17:09
    no, we shouldnt lynch inactive player. they are no harm to us.
  • Aeris Fri 17:21
    but if they go then we either get rid of a werewolf or we get rid of a player who won't be annoyed that they were taken off giving the others a chance to play more....
  • Grumpy Fri 19:20
    Lol steve, are u pretending inactive right now
  • Pikachu Fri 19:29
    Lets make it clear what's gonna happen :)
  • Zerg Fri 19:31
    Damn it :/ Reading this, I am not so sure if I should suspect Pikachu anymore :/
    Okay, I have to admit that I am very confused right now.... Because now Steve is acting very suspicious, and Pikachu is actually behaving normaly :)
  • Bruce Fri 19:47
    why do i have vote against me? because i side with huntsman?
  • Pikachu Fri 19:52
    I think so, yes. Steve was the one that did that vote though, and he is the one with the most suspicion on him now. So I doubt you'll get more votes
  • Zerg Fri 19:53
    No, you got a vote by accident
    Or it was an "accicent"... thank you Pikachu for reminding me who gave him that vote
  • Pikachu Fri 19:54
    No problem
  • Zerg Fri 19:54
    Let's see if this draws him out to show up
    And Pikachu? I owe you an apology... you see, I was convinced that my theory is right, and since I had somewhat of a proof from Aeris and Grumpy that they are innocent, I suspected you because you were the only one left....
  • Bruce Fri 19:58
    so far i have only trst skywalker, he say he huntsman
  • Zerg Fri 19:59
    I have to admit, I am still not giving up on that theory of mine, but for the sake of the village, I will calm down my personal instincts and help you guys... at this point, we all suspect Steve because he says he is a gravedigger, but he never told us what skywalker was... and he was asked that question by me, then Grumpy and you
  • Bruce Fri 19:59
    aeris is pro and no one say no
    so aeris goodd
    did you argu with aeris zerg?
  • Zerg Fri 20:01
    No, I never argued with him... well, at least not as much as I did with Skywalker and Pikachu
  • Bruce Fri 20:01
    oh i wrong see
  • Zerg Fri 20:01
    That's okay
    Pikachu, Grumpy, are you there?
  • Pikachu Fri 20:04
    I'm here. I think we should wait a little more and if he still doesnt show up Grumpy should tell us what he found out
  • Bruce Fri 20:04
    i believe he was and that is bad
    so much argue over so much talk
  • Grumpy Fri 20:06
    I'll tell u guys what I found before the day ends
  • Bruce Fri 20:06
    oh that clever, i like grumpy, i like ^^
  • Pikachu Fri 20:07
    So it doesnt affect the vote?
  • Zerg Fri 20:08
    Okay, my vote is on him, just to try to draw him out to talk
    because he didn't show up since earlier today
  • Grumpy Fri 20:17
    Actually we need 2 grave diggers so much in case one dies. I hope he's truly grave digger and we have one more person to believe. Bruce, u r out of my list. Can I ask u ur role?
  • Bruce Fri 20:18
    only villager
  • Zerg Fri 20:57
    Well... it seams like he won't show up?
  • Pikachu Fri 21:05
    I checked the other days, and he's never said anything after 13:00 aprox, so I doubt he'll show up
    Well, 13:00 of my time, 16:00 game time i think xD
  • Zerg Fri 21:14
    Well, anyways, he did act suspicious.... he just confirmed the seer thing that Grumpy said, and as for Skywalker, he just said that he was good, but when all of us asked him what Skywalker's role was, he didn't answer...
    So I am guessing that he is lying...
    Anyways, should we spare him and see what he has to say tomorrow, or should we kill him?
    But things went crazy, and people are still getting killed by wolves, we need to lynch if we want to kill those wolves :/
  • Pikachu Fri 21:18
    Grumpy, can you tell us what you know?
  • Zerg Fri 21:21
    It seams he wen't off... guess he has some things to do in real life... but don't worry, he said he will tell us the information about Skywalker before this night
  • Pikachu Fri 21:24
    I hope so :)
  • Grumpy Fri 21:40
    Yes, I checked EpicFetch yesterday. He was the villagers. So that means we have Zerg, Pikachu and EpicFetch as 3 villagers
  • Pikachu Fri 21:40
    And Bruce
  • Grumpy Fri 21:40
    I believe Bruce, it makes 4 villagers. That's all, so if anyone claims they are villagers, the wolf will be in this
  • Pikachu Fri 21:41
    Maybe check Skywalker today?
  • Grumpy Fri 21:42
    Should we lynch Magneto instead Steve? Let's him talk tmr.
  • Pikachu Fri 21:43
    Can the Gravediggers read during the night? We can make him check the same you are going to, and if he cant answer, we lynch him tomorrow
  • Grumpy Fri 21:44
    So it's shoul be Magneto ( i mean check magneto)? How's it's pretty clear that there are few roles left. It makes things easier
  • Pikachu Fri 21:44
    But Idk.. he said skywalker was 90% not the wolf. Isnt the gravedigger 100% right ?
  • Grumpy Fri 21:45
    Yes, that makes me doubt him. If he checked Skywalker, he must have known who Skywalker was
    He said 90% so that I doubt him. How's abt we lynch Magneto today Pikachu
  • Pikachu Fri 21:46
    Idk, is it worth it?
    Steve is so sketchy
    And if you die tonight, he can claim whatever he wants tomorrow, not like we'd know if he was telling the truth
  • Grumpy Fri 21:47
    Idk either
    In fact we need grave digger a lot to eliminate the choices. So it would be nice if he is grave digger.
    If i die today, Steve must be the wolf because i force him out
  • Pikachu Fri 21:51
    Maybe if we kill him now and he's the last you dont die xD
    But we can do Magneto if you want
    I feel like its a toss up
    At least Steve talks I guess
    Grumpy say who you are going to check tonight so he knows what to do
    If we keep him alive
  • Zerg Fri 21:56
    Okay then, where do you want my vote?
    Sorry, I was eating
  • Grumpy Fri 21:57
    on magneto Zerg
    yes, I will check Magneto
  • Zerg Fri 21:57
    If that's what you guys think is the best
  • Grumpy Fri 21:57
    And I would like to say my last theory, because I may die tomorrow
    no offense Aeris.
  • Zerg Fri 21:58
    Sure, speak up :)
  • Grumpy Fri 21:58
    there is 1 posibility that Aeris is bloodhound. She checked someone inactive, turn out this guy is protector.
    So Day 2, she claimed herself as protector.
  • Zerg Fri 21:59
    That would make Deadpool a real protector
  • Grumpy Fri 21:59
    so no-one will come out and argue with her because we doubted her during Day 2
    So pls think abt this if I die tomorrow.
    There is no evidence to prove that she is protector.
  • Night 4
  • Moderator
    Night falls. As the village sleeps the werewolves begin to stir and decide who to eat tonight...
  • Death
    Magneto was lynched by the village.
    Pikachu was killed during the night.
  • Day 5
  • Moderator
    The sun rises, the village is safe from the werewolves for now. Discuss who you think is a wolf, soon you will get a chance to lynch them
  • Zerg Sat 11:12
    Wow :O Well, this is something I did not expect to happen O.o
    Aeris or Steve... I wonder...
  • Grumpy Sat 11:14
    wait for steve
    Hope he checked Magneto, the same peron I checked yesterday
  • Zerg Sat 11:14
    Yes, I will wait for both of them to come online
  • Grumpy Sat 11:22
    Hey Zerg, r u there
  • Zerg Sat 11:22
    Yes, I am here
  • Grumpy Sat 11:23
    the wolves cannot kill other wolf right?
  • Zerg Sat 11:23
    No, they can't... are you getting the same thing that I am?
  • Grumpy Sat 11:25
    wait for me 3 minutes
  • Zerg Sat 11:25
  • Steve Sat 11:33
    Hey. magneto is a villager
  • Grumpy Sat 11:34
    who did u check Day 3
  • Steve Sat 11:34
    And sorry for afk yesterday
  • Grumpy Sat 11:34
    that's fine
    we really need you
    who did u check Day 3?
  • Steve Sat 11:34
    You suspected me -_-
    Hey let me remember
  • Grumpy Sat 11:35
    nope, just want to confirm
  • Steve Sat 11:35
    I can't remember the right order
  • Grumpy Sat 11:35
    Lol, just hit the button Day 4
  • Steve Sat 11:35
    ._. Ok
    Here you go
    My results
    Sabretooth, the seer
    Epicfetch, the villager
    Skywalker, the huntsman
    Magneto, the villager
  • Zerg Sat 11:38
    Then you really are a Gravedigger! :)
  • Grumpy Sat 11:38
    how could u get 4 results?
  • Steve Sat 11:39
    Based on what you said about Epicfetch when I was off yesterday -_-
  • Grumpy Sat 11:39
    I asked u abt your results
    not what I said
  • Steve Sat 11:40
    Oh right
  • Grumpy Sat 11:41
    what's ur results again?
  • Zerg Sat 11:42
    Anyways... this proves my theory about how one of the original 4 players has to be a wolf... and now, Aeris is 100% a wolf... he claims he is a protector right? Well I say he is not! If he was a protector, do you think he would be still alive this long? No, the wolves would've taken him... and if we go right back to the start, he asked if there is a time when "special roles" can chat without the others being able to see that
  • Grumpy Sat 11:44
    I think so
    I tell abt bloodhound yesterday
    but it's too late
    let's vote for Aeris, Steve
  • Zerg Sat 11:45
    It is not to late! Since we know who the other wolf is, and the third one is either Gandalf or Deadpool
    But the other one is Bruce... he lied being a villager... there can't be that much villagers, and you guys confirmed the deaths of other villagers
  • Grumpy Sat 11:49
    Lol Steve, where are you
  • Steve Sat 11:51
    Sorry guys.
    Here's my result
    Fuck you wifi
  • Grumpy Sat 11:54
    just vote for Aeris Steve
  • Steve Sat 11:54
    Sabretooth - a seer, Skywalker - huntsman, Magneto - a villager
  • Grumpy Sat 11:55
    then we're done for today
  • Steve Sat 11:55
    So 1 wolf found.
  • Grumpy Sat 11:55
    3 wolves are : aeris, bruce + gandalf
    I tell you why.
    Aeris is bloodhound. She checked Deadpool in Day 1. It turned out, Deadpool is Protector.
    Then Day 2, Aeris had 3 votes, so she claimed herself as the Protector and she was safe.
    the bad thing is, the wolves would never leave the protector alive that long (4 day after she turned her in)
    second, she never puts her vote on anyone. She wanted to let us pay less attention on her.
  • Steve Sat 11:58
    Such a newbie ._.
  • Grumpy Sat 11:58
    third, as Zerg told, she asked about the special chat in Day 1.
  • Steve Sat 11:58
    So she pretending to be a newbie
  • Grumpy Sat 11:59
    there are 3 reasons so I believe Aeris is the Bloodhound.
    NEXT, Bruce.
    since the wolves cannot kill themselves or other wolf. And Pikachu was killed, so he is on our side.
    And he claimed that he's villager.
    We checked Magneto. Magneto was the villager too. Also EpicFetch and Zerg.
    So that we have 4 villagers. That's all in this game.
    We cannot have one more villager. And I asked Bruce yesterday about his role. He told me he's villager --> Liar
    That made him the second wolf.
  • Steve Sat 12:02
    Hey... what if he's the Lycan?
  • Grumpy Sat 12:02
    no, Lycan is on our side.
    It's not given as Lycan
    The system gave the Lycan information that he's villager.
  • Steve Sat 12:03
    And only seer can see if he's the lycan?
    Ok so Bruce is the wolf
  • Grumpy Sat 12:03
    during the night, this villager turns to be Lycan. And if the seer checks it, the result shows Wolf instead of Villager
  • Steve Sat 12:04
    And Gandalf because he active the first night. I got it
    So we will lynch the bloodhound today
    And the 2 wolves tmr?
  • Grumpy Sat 12:06
  • Zerg Sat 12:44
    Just to point this out guys :) If Bruce shows up and starts defending Aeris like crazy, then we know for sure that they are the wolves
  • Steve Sat 13:09
    Hey I got it.
    Aeris didn't kill Deadpool because we (gravediggers) will figure out that she lied
  • Zerg Sat 13:11
    Yes, but she killed all the other inactive people, but that was a mistake, because she left the ones who can actually uncover her
  • Steve Sat 13:12
    Well maybe this is really her first time
  • Zerg Sat 13:12
    Well, who knows... but anyways, it has to end :)
    I mean the wolves killings :) Right now, we have 3 good players and 2 active wolves :) Which means, you, Grumpy and I are good... and Bruce and Aeris are on the wolves team... so for now it's 3vs2... which means that we are stronger :) In that case, Aeris will die... during the night, Bruce will kill one of us... and tomorrow, it will be 2vs1... again, the wolf is not strong enough and will be lynched during that day... and since the third wolf is not active, the next day, the remaining 2 players will kill him and bring victory for us (village people) :)
  • Aeris Sat 13:44
    well I'm dead aren't I?
    just saying i am definitely the protector but I'm going inactive now anyway as I'm unable to play so you can kill me- but you're letting the bloodhound live
  • Zerg Sat 13:52
    Wtf just happened? O.o It says that Gandalf has -3 votes on him, and that the Bruce has 4! O.o
  • Aeris Sat 14:02
    i accidentally spammed the bruce button cuz me computer glitched
    i originally voted gandalf
    so i just put 4 votes on bruce and took 3 from gandalf
    i thought it was just my computer breaking
    apparently its everyones
  • Zerg Sat 14:12
    You somehow fucked up the game system... congrats... -.-
    Try to undo it
  • Aeris Sat 14:12
    i undid one vote but thats all i can do
  • Zerg Sat 14:14
    try spaming it again, untill you gat it back to normal (the original vote on Gandalf)
  • Aeris Sat 14:24
    i want one on bruce and that is it but the system is working again and won't let me add or lessen votes
    oh there :)
    oh wait no
    i spammed too much again
  • Zerg Sat 14:30
    Keep trying
    Also... Aeris... are you willing to finally admit that you are a wolf?
  • Steve Sat 15:24
    Hey... if Aeris is the bloodhound, should we lynch her first? Because the bloodhound is more stronger than the normal wolves?
    And tomorrow, we will kill Bruce because Gandalf is likely to inact for the rest of the game
    And lastly, kill Bruce, we win
    Sorry ._. My bad. Lynch Bruce, lastly, lynch Gandalf
    Hey why Gandalf has -3 votes o.O
    The system is fucked up
  • Zerg Sat 16:42
    Steve, everything is okay, Aeris is supposed to be lynched, he just somehow messed up the system... I contacted the site owner and he says he will fix it before the end of the day
    Why is noone here? O.o
  • Night 5
  • Moderator
    Night falls. As the village sleeps the werewolves begin to stir and decide who to eat tonight...
  • Death
    Aeris was lynched by the village.