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3rd-party services that we use
  • We are part-funded by Adsense revenue, and you can control the information collected about you. Google adsense settings and policy
  • We use google analytics to collect anonymised data about visitors. This allows us to see general trends in traffic, but not individual behaviour. Google analytics policy
  • We use gravatar to allow users to customise their own display avatars on the site, for this to work we make a call to their site using a hashed version of your email. Gravatar is run by the same company owns wordpress, Automattic. Automattic's policy
  • We use Mailchimp to send emails that keep you up to date about special upcoming games, or new roles or events. Mailchimp's policy
  • We use Sendgrid to send account related emails (sign upconfirmation, password resets etc) and emails related to games you are in, such as alerts that the game has started or you have been revived. Sendgrid's policy

Cookie usage uses a cookie to track your login status, this allows you to chat on the site and is necessary for the site to function. Google Adwords also uses cookies to display personalised ads.