Game Schedule has two basic game lengths. 'Speed' games have a day length of 5 minutes and generally take around 30-45 minutes to complete. 'Extended' games take an entire 24 hours for a day cycle, and can take up to a week to complete.

Extended games are a slower pace and allow to to log on and check when you get 5 minutes spare. It's advised you check in every day, or you're likely to be lynched for lurking!

Extended Games

There is usually one extended game running at a time, with one in sign up. Extended games start when enough people (usually 10-12) have signed up.

Speed Games

The faster paced games of currently take place on a weekly basis, starting at 8pm UK time (currently UTC+1). We usually play for a few hours, getting in 3-4 games. If you're a forgetful sort, you can sign up for a weekly reminder.

Play Werewolf in Person

Manchester Werewolf Chapter

The Manchester Chapter is organised by @cubicgarden and meet on the third Wednesday of the month in Madlab in the Northern Quarter.

Manchester Werewolf Chapter on Meetup

Leeds Werewolf Chapter

The Leeds Chapter is organised by @iMartyn and meet on the first Wednesday of the month at The Brewery Tap.

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